Jan. 2nd, 2011

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[Recap: Some of you might remember that at one of the HP conventions, [livejournal.com profile] gmonkey42 and I put together a Snape and his Mary Sues presentation. In order to put the presentation together, we had to read a bunch of HP fanfics featuring Sues who were paired with Snape. The other night, I was scribbling notes on scrap paper, and realized that the paper in question was from a printout of the spreadsheet that we built to house the data. And then I started laughing at the quote, and I thought that we really should share the profiles because they're just too much fun not to.]

  • Name of Sue: Maryann McGinty

  • Eye color: bright hazel - eyes seem to change colour, one moment blue, another violet

  • Hair color: chestnut

  • Clothing: "scarlet robes spilling round her beautiful figure like lifes' blood"

  • Other: "perfectly angled shoulders, straight back" "dazzling smile, perfectly white pearly teeth"

  • Curves in all the right places: Beautiful Figure

  • Exchange student or DADA professor?: DADA prof

  • Further education: Graduate of Durmstrang Institute's Teaching College

  • Totally uncharacteristic Snape moments: He goes to the bathrrom and finds the Mirror of Erised. He sees Maryann in it, in a white wedding dress. He is disrupted by another teacher who tells him it is the mirror. He goes to this other teacher for advice on how to get her to like him

  • Relationship with Snape: NiceGuy!Snape

  • Sue House: Sparklypoo


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