Jan. 3rd, 2011

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Earlier this year, I went to Hartwick Pines. I've had these pics for ages and wanted to share them with y'all. I know, I know, I procrastinate mightily.

One of the most memorable things about my childhood was a trip I took to Hartwick Pines with my father.

Hartwick Pines is a state park that protects the last stand of white pines in Michigan. These incredible trees are the closest thing we have to redwoods in the Midwest. They grow to great heights (300-350'), and they live a very long time. I remember the trip as pretty amazing. The largest tree was...extraordinary! I mean, we have huge oaks that are extremely big around, but they're not that tall. These were really breathtaking trees, and I was enchanted by them. My father really loved the place, and we had a great time. I remember laughing a lot and having a wonderful experience. There's a really beautiful light in the forest, just this gorgeous pretty light, and it seemed enchanted. I've remembered it for years and I've always wanted to go back and see it again.

So I revisited the park with my friends' two boys in August. I took my camera, and tried to capture the spirit of these beautiful trees. Sadly, I think you have to be there. But I did my best! Join me as I walk the trail...

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