Jan. 4th, 2011

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So I've always had issues with too much earwax. Alas.

Long story short, I thought I had a perforated eardrum, which is why I never used the blue-bulb-with-liquid solution before. But a couple days ago I rubbed my ear, and voila! Half deaf! I couldn't get it to pop no matter what. Went to the doctor's office, and there was a treatment ) It was uncomfortable and I don't want to go through that again. But I can hear again! Though my ear hurts a little.

In other news, I am scrambling to get eBay listings done and tweet and share photos on my fanpage on FB and catch up with my feeds. I am a bit overwhelmed with my online life right now! Not that it's really been super financially rewarding, but things are beginning to step up. I've been advertising the website, my Etsy craft shop, and my FB fanpage, and I'm seeing more people join and higher viewing stats. Now if I could just get more sales...

I do have an ace in the hole, which is a cool thing I am going to send in to an industry mag, and I hope that it goes over well. I have my fingers crossed.

And the giant fic continues to stare at me. I finished another scene, and started another, and I'm inching closer to the end. I have to finish the scene I'm in, write a climactic scene, and then write the ending and possibly an epilogue. I've got to get it done--I need two weeks to post this puppy, and I'm leaving at the end of January!

Hope you're all doing well!


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