Jan. 17th, 2011

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I'm a little down today. Not because of anything that I really should be down about, honestly, I'm just feeling like I've reached the productivity lull I was worried about.

I've been working like gangbusters for a few months, but now suddenly I'm unable to decide what to do next. I don't feel like doing anything. My petulant five-year-old inner self is stomping her feet about anything I suggest. And it's not like I want to laze around and do nothing, either; I feel like I should be doing something, but I just sit here while my five-year-old self screams about anything I think about doing.

This is very frustrating. I escaped her for a while, but she really came back with a vengeance this weekend. I did manage to get things done, but not as much as I could have by far. I am chalking it up to two things; that time of the month is coming up, and also I am leaving on Saturday for one of my big month-long trips. So I think I'm just feeling unusually grumpy due to the conflux of these two items.

I'm also grumping about my phone. I just bought a new phone, a Samsung Transform. )

grah and double grah. I'm just so grumpy and headachey. and whiny. That was obvious, but I had to state it anyway.

No writing has been done. Triple grah. Okay, this definitely qualified for the emo!valis icon.

Fine. I'm done whining for the moment. I will get up and go do something. I want to cross things off my list!

Five year old self: NOES! NOT GONNA! *flounce*



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