Jan. 21st, 2011

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I am leaving tomorrow for one of my two month-long trips. Over the years, these trips have become the north and south "poles" of my year, a demarcation line that cuts right through my everyday life at home. There is a strange sense of both sadness and elation; these trips have so many pros and cons, good things and sad things.

A difference has been growing over the past few trips, though. Before, I was cut off except for about ten minutes of internet time in the morning on weekdays; the laptop really changed that, because now I can log in at night, and sometimes a little in the morning. And now, it's changing even more, because my phone is so internet-connected.

One of my strongest rules while gone has always been No Livejournal, simply because there is so much adult content on LJ, and when using someone else's internet connection I just don't want to bring things through that they might not approve of. This time, though, I am going to attempt to bring my aircard. If it works there (I don't know if it will, Sprint is very tempermental in that area) then I will be able to check on LJ a little. Not certain yet, but it certainly changes the flavor of the trip a little if I can keep up on LJ. Even if I can't use my aircard, I can get LJ on my phone, though! I mean, I think I can.

Anyway, the main thing that has me really sad this time is that Husband is sick with some sort of awful flu-like thing. He's achy, headachy, and congested. He actually took the day off today, which is huge in the history of Husband; seriously, he never takes days off. And he's slept almost the whole day. I am so so so sad to see him so miserable, the poor dear. Of course, my secondary fear is that I'll get it myself, or I'll take it with me to WI and infect my friends who are leaving on a huge trip, or their kids (I am going to be watching them as of Monday). I have my fingers crossed that we will remain plague-free.

Poor Husband. He is so miserable. I've been trying to be helpful, heating up soup, buying soup, making the bed, etc., but he is so stoic about being sick and he doesn't like to inconvenience me. The silly dear.

I'm so sad to leave. But then again, I'm so excited, too. There are many awesome things about being in WI. I don't have to pay bills, for example. And I don't have to worry about day-to-day stuff. The biggest thing is I get to have fun with the kids. They are trying and there is stress, but they are also fun to be with (mostly). And a big cause for excitement is that I have a little time in the morning and a little time in the evening, and for some reason it's good for writing. After all, I don't have to work on eBay listings or Etsy listings or packaging things or answering questions or taking photos or cropping photos or...you get the picture. So I look forward to getting a little writing done, with some luck. Also, when my friends come back from their trip, I will be doing one of my favorite jobs, sorting and organizing and pricing, and I'll also be buying a bunch of new merchandise. So even though this is a month away, it is also a month of good things. I have my fingers crossed for a pleasant trip, seriously.


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