Jan. 29th, 2011

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I'm starting to get loopy.

I'm feeling better, but I keep having this issue where I go to bed, and within ten minutes cannot breathe at all through my nose. So tonight, instead of waiting an hour in misery and then going downstairs and taking the NyQuil, I took it ten minutes ago instead, and I'll get in bed soon. I'm really pushing it because NyQuil typically stops working for me after two days, and this will be the third, but I have hope. And I can feel the loopy, so maybe it isn't a terrible idea.

I have my aircard plugged in, and I'm scrolling through the flist! hooray! I have a great connection (well, as great as an aircard connection can be), and with luck, I can catch up with the flist. Which means that I won't miss a chunk of entries, which usually seems to happen because by the time I get home I'm past 999 entries.

I'm trapped home with the boys this weekend. On purpose, of course; I just want to get better so I can face the week head-on. So I don't want to go anywhere, except maybe the grocery store. It'll just be more Gumby episodes, rounds of Uno, and listening to Nintendo DS music, but that's fine. heh.

I am learning entirely too much about Gumby. My brain has already begun to wonder about fanfic and formulate rules of the universe. I am forever changed by fandom, I tell you.

Night, flist!


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