Feb. 3rd, 2011

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I dreamt I was somehow in the Mad Men universe. Let me begin this by saying I've never even seen the show.

I was back in time, somehow living in the same house, and I was married to a guy who wasn't Husband. I worked at a company that was some sort of ad agency, with lots of older guys who were running the show. I came to work and just kept thinking things like, "I'm just not going to get anywhere in this company" because of the time period. I was kind of depressed because i was worried about living during the time. I tried to cheer myself up by thinking about how the ozone layer wasn't ruined yet.

It went on and on and on. There was a trip to a cottage near a lake, and there was a guy who was flirting with me at the office, and there was a strange experience where I was scared at the house because I thought someone was after me when I woke up in bed. I also followed some of the office politics, like that the company was merged with another and they were trying desperately to keep things moving forward, and the new company was pretty much just taking over.

I think that the lingering feeling from this dream is of being sad because of constraints, and also about being depressed about not being able to meet my full potential and having to live in a society I didn't want to live in. I'm certainly glad that it was a dream.


valis2: Stone lion face (Default)

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