Feb. 4th, 2011

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This time I was in college. My roommates were [livejournal.com profile] gmonkey42 and Joseph Fiennes. GMonkey disliked Fiennes because he was a player and a bit of an ass. GMonkey and I shared a room and he had a room at the other end of the apartment. Anyway, one day I was sitting on the couch and I was falling asleep while studying, and he came in and I basically kind of fell asleep on him, and he was really sweet and kind about it, and the whole time I was thinking that I shouldn't fall for this because he was a player. Then GMonkey came in and saw us, and I could tell she was not happy, because she just kind of gave me this unhappy look and then went to our room. And then he did this weird thing )and I thought, y'know what? GMonkey is right. He is really weird. And I went back to our room and we were talking about him, and then he came into the room and was trying to get us to go out with him to a karaoke place. GMonkey said she was a horrible singer (wtf? She isn't, dude) but said that she'd dance, at the least. I promised to sing, and I thought, well, maybe I should give him a chance if he really is trying to date me.

Not sure how interesting this is, honestly, but it was so vivid and weird.


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