Feb. 6th, 2011

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A minor annoyance: the sound on my laptop has stopped working. The system sounds are fine, but nothing else will play. No more Gumby. Alas! Fixed.

A major annoyance: An overseas customer wanted to buy a bunch of stuff. A high dollar amount. I've sold to her before. I explained that I didn't have the stuff and I would charge her and ship her in late Feb. Long story short, she asked me to charge her before the end of the year and still ship her in late Feb.

I was very reluctant to do so, but because she's bought from me before, I agreed. I invoiced her through Paypal and she paid. Now that I'm here, I just sent her a note about how many of the items were in stock, and that I would ship them as soon as I got back to MI.

She has just sent me a note that she is going to inform Paypal that I have not sent the merchandise, and that after I send her the merchandise she will close the claim. She begged me not to refund her funds, to just wait and send the stuff and then she'll close the claim.

OMG. OMG. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS. I have no idea how Paypal will react to this. They could close my account. Seriously, I don't have enough funds to cover the money or I'd just send her the money back and say screw it. I mean, I do understand that she wants some protection, but this was agreed upon over a month ago!

I am nearly in tears right now. She could jeopardize my entire selling career on eBay, and I'm not sure how she thinks this would help her in the end.

Let me reiterate: I do NOT think she is malicious at all. I think that she is honest, and she feels that she must follow the rules and tell Paypal she does not have the merchandise.


ETA: Prickle being awesome.
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I know, I've been spammy. It will cease on Saturday, though, because for a week I will be processing merchandise and I will not have the energy to do anything except check my email.

Anyway. I just wanted to share that I am caught up again on my flist! Huzzah.

Also, I am halfway through my absence from home. This is a melodramatic time for me, as I begin to imagine I am Macbeth, who finds that it's the same amount of effort to go back or go forward in his river of blood. Told you. Melodrama.

I can't believe how quickly time is flying!

I've finished rereading the giant fic. Sadly, I am now stuck in a sentence. It's official. If it weren't for those bastard Sticky Sentences, I'd get a lot more writing done, I think. No, really. They're horrible unfeeling bastards and they just sit there and laugh at me. I read them and think, "But I have no idea what could come next!" And that's it for months. STUCK.

And now I'm motivated to work on another story but NO I WANT TO FINISH THE BIG ONE NOW NOW NOW. I have a week left that has a teeny set of windows of free time and I want to write! So that when I get home it's finished and all I have to do is post it. Growly.

Also had a title for yet another story pop into my head. I would like to write it but the title implies that it's very very long and the actual story seems like a short story so I have to work on that dichotomy.

I am almost entirely recovered from the plague! I've given up the neti pot because I fear that too much liquid was getting into my ears. It was a bit uncomfortable. I will go back to it occasionally, but for now I'm giving things time to dry out.

If this isn't one of the most boring entries I've ever done, then I've lost my ability to judge truly boring things and that frightens me.


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