Feb. 8th, 2011

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The Paypal woman has kindly canceled the dispute and also won't open the second invoice. THANK GOODNESS. Because I really could not afford that right now. When I'm gone for a month, I don't get paid until the day before I leave to come home, and so I have to have my finances arranged just so and adding even a pin to one side can cause the whole thing to collapse. This time I had more of a cushion, but not enough for such a huge expense.

In other news, I had another dream about [livejournal.com profile] gmonkey42. Strange. I was watching TV with my dad, and I realized that we were watching the new PotC movie. GMonkey was in it, and she was dressed like a really fancy ninja pirate wench in maroon and black leather, and her hair was done in a very short Aeon Flux hairstyle, and she had a large barcode/Japanese calligraphy tattoo on her neck. There was some sort of smoker in front of her full of flames, and she looked like she was thinking about revenge. My dad kept trying to change the channel, and I got really aggravated. "But that's my friend!" I kept insisting. "I want to watch!"

I think I've figured out where they strange vivid dreams are coming from. Yeah, that time of the month started today. I will definitely be going to bed early. Probably by 9.


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