Mar. 14th, 2011

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Okay, have erased the crazy entry I just wrote.

I'm just a little off-balance right now; I feel uncertain, and I am worrying way too much about what other people are thinking. I am imagining too much what other people are thinking. I need to take a deep breath and drop this drama from my head.

In good news, I have managed to clean off my crafting desk. See, I always used to process merchandise at the coffee table, which drove Husband crazy because it would be such a huge mess for a week. He likes to sit on the couch and it's kind of tough when I'm there already with stuff strewn all over the place. So now that my crafting desk is bigger (yay!), I did my sorting there instead. It meant I couldn't craft all weekend, sadly. Now, however, it is entirely clean again, and I have processed a bunch of stuff and only have one bag leftover of merchandise for sale, and two bags of stuff for my stash, which I'll take care of later.

I really need to write some new crafting blog entries and craft something new. See, this is why today is mixed; on one hand I'm troubled just a little by things outside of my control, and on the other hand I feel happy for new accomplishments. I've just posted two more new stories, one of which was a little unfinished thing which has made me very happy. It was kind of hanging around and bugging me for a while. Mixed.

I'm also feeling stressed because my to-do list has grown again. Taxes, y'know, and I am starting to panic. Just preparing all of the stuff to send to my tax guy is a big chore. And I haven't even started yet. *sigh*

Okay, enough moping. I'm going to do some crafting and I'm going to kiss Husband when he gets home and I am going to think thoughts made of win rather than low self-esteem.


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