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I'm a little late getting up; it turns out it's pretty much that time of the month, or it's about to start tonight or something. No wonder I've been so completely exhausted all week, no wonder I've had the killer headache, and no wonder I've had to take ibuprofen every night for the worse-than-usual back pain.

It's like it's always a mystery, every month. It hits and then I think, oh, of course! This explains everything. lol.

Years ago, in my first fandom (but I did not realize I was in a fandom, lol), I was addicted to the Mummy. I loved it and I went to see it 14 times in the theater with friends. We wrote stories, read each other's stories, and had a great deal of fun. We pretty much memorized the movie and MST3K'ed it all the time.

Well, it's been ages since we did that. So when one of those friends popped up on my FB and said one of the quotes, I thought, you know what? I'm such a hermit. I never go and see anyone or do anything. And so I PMed everyone and said, c'mon, let's get together and rewatch it!

And they all pretty much said yes. So I have to clean the house today, and I need to go grocery shopping because Husband promised to cook, and I'm looking forward to it.

In other, far more Riptidian news, I've posted the Big Scene today. Only four more days left of posting, and then I'll be posting the giant Inspiration entry, where I ramble endlessly about what inspired me, and the songs I listened too, and other minutiae that people might be interested in. I was able to find videos of all the songs online except for one obscure song. Too bad, because it's one of the most important. At least I have the lyrics. The only other thing I have to do is make sure I revise that one scene. I think people are looking for a suitable finish for one character and I should definitely make sure it happens.

I feel pretty happy so far today. Hope I don't turn into crankypants later.

ETA: Oh dear. Husband's boss has a bit of an emergency going on at work; Husband might have to work tomorrow. Thank goodness we can just order pizza, and there's a decent local pizza place about five miles away. Someone will have to pick it up, but I'm sure that will be fine.
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