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because I am insanely tired and should have gone to bed an hour ago.

There was this story I told on LJ from last summer where I was driving along and suddenly thought about deer and how I'd never hit a deer and it was such a MI life experience that I'd never had. And I dropped speed and then around the next turn there was a deer in the middle of the street. Had I been going faster I would have hit her, definitely.

Tonight, I was driving home and suddenly I started thinking about deer. I do not normally think about deer. But this was the same sort of thought, very strong, just like DEER in my head, and I laughed to myself and said, well, if there were deer, then you'd have a weird psychic ability, but of course when you really need it to say DEER it won't. And then around the next turn there was a whole squad of them (more than a dozen) everywhere in the field next to the road. (Great-Uncle Farmer's field, no less.) So that was strange.

I am so tired and I haven't even replied to an Etsy query. I had 14 packages to package and I photographed and listed a new crafted item, and I listed other stuff in Etsy.

And just now I have received 16 new emails from eBay. Why? Because someone has just purchased 8 items and PAID FOR ALL EIGHT SEPARATELY OH MY GOD. I DID NOT THINK THAT WAS POSSIBLE. I will combine the shipment and then have to go through and refund money on EACH of SEVEN transactions, because there isn't enough on any of them to refund all 7 excess shipping charges.

I will not be even looking at them until tomorrow. I am too tired for this crazysauce. Goodnight, internet.
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