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I've been sorting merchandise today. I kind of missed my chance to craft/list a new item on Etsy, and I also missed my chance to restock eBay. But that's okay; I can do so tomorrow, I think.

The day was kind of a good day, in two different ways. On one hand, I managed to sort through a lot of new merchandise, and I feel good with the progress. I'm looking forward to finishing.

I also finished the giant meta post about the giant Riptide fic. All done, posted, tl;dr, thank goodness. So I finally feel like I've wrapped up that year of effort with a big bow, and now I'm looking forward to writing something else.

I am starting to think thoughts about poetry. I don't write a lot of it, and I think I would write more if I felt I could share it somewhere. And that got me thinking; I don't think I will ever be published as a poet, and that entire struggle of getting into the dwindling poetry mags is just not something I want to engage in. There's only one mag I would try for at this point (Calyx), and that's about it. So what I'm thinking is that I will just start posting my poetry here, if I write anything. I mean, why not? You guys are my writing group, honestly. And since there's very little chance that I would be published, it's not an issue about it being out in a public space.

I think I just convinced myself to go ahead with it. Don't worry--I'll put it behind a cut.

I'm going to read some more Hawaii 5-0 fic and go to bed. (I'm nearly through skimming the entire Steve/Danno community. I've found a handful of yum, it's been great.)
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