Mar. 15th, 2011

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Speaking of yums, [ profile] florahart was awesomesauce extreme and wrote some Hawaii 5-0 ficlets for people who asked, including a scorcher based on the word prompt "dark" for me. They're awesome, she's an awesome writer, I urge you to check them out if you like that fandom (and slash, of course).

This morning I dreamt that [ profile] marginaliana and I were attending my high school. But as we are now. And we were both kind of underwhelmed. We were sitting in class, which was held in the gym, and we were wearing the school uniforms, and M was getting bored and started talking over the teacher. So another teacher came and warned us to be quiet, and then M kept talking, and the other teacher came back and said that we both were getting detention. And we kind of eyerolled. And then she said that detentions were a dollar now, and she seemed very smug about it. So I pulled out a twenty, and said, oh, so this is how you're "fundraising" now, and suddenly she said it was $13.60 because there were other charges or something.

So M, you owe me $6.80 in dream cash.

Other than that, I am feeling a little better today. Yesterday morning I had blood drawn in the morning, which always makes me feel yucky, and then I spent the rest of the day crawling around in my low self-esteem ooze. Thankfully, in most cases the greater share of this ooze seems to fade after a night's sleep or two. I'm interested to find out what the results of the bloodwork are. I wonder how far my PCOS has progressed.

In good news, I posted a pic of a craft in progress on my FB fanpage, and 13 people liked it, which is a record for me. And I really need to finish it, lol. Also, someone went through my Etsy supplies shop and hearted about 40 items, which is unusual. I also had an eBay buyer purchase 15 items today and send me an eBay message for every. single. one. ugh.

I have run out of 8th Continent soymilk, so it's back to Silk. wah.

Okay, enough random weirdness. Back to eBay stuff, maybe finishing the crafty thing, and, if there are a few minutes, looking for H5-0 fic. In fact, I might just have to start watching the comms. I did snip a bunch of HP stuff recently, so it might be nice to add something new. Hmm. (Oh, and I also snipped some journals, but they were people who never friended me, so they probably aren't even aware that I have defriended them, and if they are, I can't imagine that they are bereft over it.)

Oh, which reminds me: If you ever want to defriend me because we are not communicating or you don't like my stance on Sharpie pens (I 100% like them and feel they are made entirely of win and strong ink) or you feel that you are lioned out, please do so, no worries, no hard feelings, seriously.


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