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So Julian and I went off and registered, and met up with [ profile] gmonkey42. We sat in the lobby and pulled out the convention guides, and began to work out which presentations we wanted to see.

There seemed to be fewer presentations than PR, and there were no presentations on Sunday, unlike PR. Still, there were several that sounded interesting.

And then...[ profile] marginaliana!! Yes, you read that right. I know you're jealous now.

We sat near the Common Room with [ profile] drusillas_rain and [ profile] unsymbolic, and told them about how incredible Beau Brummell was. That turned the conversation to the minotaur in his smoking jacket, who was featured in a recent Margina story. Then I mentioned how Margina's comment about "zombies in love" at PR was tremendously prescient, considering the end of Snupin, and somehow it degenerated into zombie!poodles, and then further into zombie!poodles in love.

Gmonkey illustrated the concept for us:


Note the worm. I begged her for it, so I don't want it to go unnoticed.

Then the conversation took another bizarre turn, whereupon it was revealed that the Giant Squid was actually the repository for a horcrux, and then Gmonkey kindly illustrated the resulting squid!crux for us:


Eventually Margina, Julian and I wandered off and sat in another seating arrangement, where a gentleman was already seated. It only took five minutes of HP Babies!wank and horselurver!wank to drive him off.

And I want a Quibbler purse now. I don't carry a purse, which makes it all the stranger.

Then we ended up in a converstaion with [ profile] titti, [ profile] bethbethbeth, [ profile] dementordelta, [ profile] midnitemaraud_r, and [ profile] tripperfunster, somehow. We talked about reviews, the weird reviews and the hostile reviews, that sort of thing.

Dementor Delta gave me a books--IT IS ABOUT A SQUID PIRATE OMG THE VERY THOUGHT MAKES ME JUMP UP AND DOWN LIKE A JUMPING THING. Plus it has a little starfish with a peg leg. Who doesn't love peg-legged starfish? Seriously, though, that was so incredibly sweet, and I'm still squeeing.

The Welcoming Feast was just a feast. They separated out the feast from the speechifying, but I was all confused and sat and waited for the speechifying, when I could have been taking costume pics, hence I missed a lot of opportunities. I sat with the lovely [ profile] logospilgrim, [ profile] belluthien, and, oddly enough, OhGoddess, who was across from me at the Lumos Welcoming Feast.

Somewhere in here I met [ profile] orionnoire, and she is just lovely! I can't remember where, now.

I went to my room for something, and dropped the privacy tag on the floor. Our room was right next to the elevator, and I bent over to pick up the tag, and heard someone say, "Damn!" and whistle. I turned to see a guy leaning out of an elevator and staring at me.

Apparently I am rather attractive, but only in Canada.

Then Gmonkey, Unsymbolic and I crashed the artist karaoke. Well, I crashed it, because Gmonkey's an artist, so there's no crashing involved. We were on our way to the hotel room where the karaoke was being held when an older man came out into the hall, clutching an ice bucket and looking around in a rather surprised and suspicious manner. He didn't realize that his room was going to be placed next to the Hordes Of Singing Fanartists room.

It was quite spectacular, featuring Meatloaf and Bohemian Rhapsody, and [ profile] cathybites' rather talented and lively posterior, which received its due respect (and a rather amazing workout) during "Baby Got Back."

I missed many names, but [ profile] tbranch was there, [ profile] glockgal as well (I think it might have been her room), and [ profile] hill_, [ profile] xterm, and [ profile] tripperfunster. Tripper has an amazing voice, and sang a fantastic version of "Fame" that sounded like she was on the show at some point.

Xterm had to listen to my frantic squeeing as I realized she drew the Snape in a box art. Poor thing. She was probably ready to crawl into the box with Snape's heart by the time I was done.

I wanted to sing along to some stuff, but I didn't know any songs that would have worked. I did sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody, but, then again, everybody else did, too. At nine o'clock a rather amused hotel guy told us that we had to stop singing, and poor Cathybites' posterior was soundly unamused by this announcement.

Then it was off to the PoA movie, where a fun time was had by all.

Number of Julian basilisk!glares received on Thursday: Seven, due to excessive mentions of the word "simplistic."
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