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All cons have a unique flavor, it seems. While this one resembled Lumos, it still had its own look and feel, and even though I enjoyed it very much, I realize that a few things happened at this one that didn't happen at the other two.

First and foremost, I took the fewest pics ever, I think. Especially of costume characters. I caught most of them at PR, but not here. And that was because...

Secondly, I met the fewest number of new people--I spent a ton of time with old friends at this con. Julian, Margina, and Gmonkey--we were definitely like the Three Musketeers, in a way. Which is not bad! Not at all! It was simply different.

Also, I got more involved in the Snarry stuff. The new people I met were mostly Detroit-area Snarry lovers, and that's a great thing--I'm really, really hoping that it will lead to more RL get-togethers in the future. I've been neglecting the idea of a Detroit get-together because I've been so busy. But seriously, there are some great LJers/fandomers here, and I can't wait to hang out with them and get my fandom fix. heh.

The con was great. Now I have to think about cons in the future...because it is an expense, as you all know. And I should be saving for a house and stuff. But here I am, singing Bohemian Rhapsody in a hotel room instead.

I have to say that I also feel like a bit of closure is looming for me, too. DH kind of put an end to many things in my head, and I can't seem to revive them. I absolutely love writing tLS, and am committed to finishing it, and I have a few other stories, and there's Snupin Santa, but other than that--I feel like it's finished, like the story is done, and I don't need to write it any longer. No, this is not the BUHBYE FANDOM thing at all. I just think that only time will tell if I can get my HP on again.

I had a lovely time at the con, and welcome to the new friends in the journal! Sorry about the spammage, too.
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