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I had hoped for a lot of productivity today, but that didn't happen. My rational mind is trying to soothe my productivity demon, which is incensed and hopping around on one foot, but it's not working.

Rational mind: Usually it takes me nearly four or five full days to catch up with Google Reader, LJ, and everything else, and that's just with skimming. I did it in only a couple days this time because I wasn't so far behind.
Productivity demon: YOU TIME-WASTER!
Rational mind: Actually, some of this social media stuff is now required in order for me to attract more attention to my listings.
Productivity demon: EXCUSES! WE WANTS RESULTS!
Rational mind: I managed to get caught up AND sort some stuff AND take pics for the blog and put together blog entries AND ship eight packages, including two international AND clean up my eBay orders queue AND send out an invoice AND work on FB stuff for that company AND list 65+ eBay listings AND I even did a post office run.
Rational mind: Oh, and I wrote 900 new words on the giant story and broke through the Sticky Sentence!
Productivity demon: Oh, well that's okay then.

Still, I feel only half-happy.

I was having a conversation with a dear online friend (hmm--does that phrase cheapen it somehow? Because it's not meant to, my online life is v important, too), and talking about how I sometimes go from productive to...not productive, which can send me into a tailspin. The thing is, I don't always remember that most people get weekends and time off; they only work 40 hours, and if they want to play WoW all weekend it's great. I never allow myself that luxury, though. Even if I play just ten minutes of something I feel bad. The only place I ever give myself a free pass is while I'm writing, and even that's because I'm practicing writing.

I was supposed to only work Thursday this week, but apparently my boss quit and my other boss wants me to come in and help sort out the ex-boss's office. So I am going in tomorrow. I didn't want to, because I still have so much to do, but I feel like I should help if I'm needed. So there. Plus, after a half-productive day, it's probably a good idea to...I dunno...actually get paid for my time instead of just hoping some amorphous money will rain on me after I perform the necessary tweeting.
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Where did the idea that Valentine's Day is a "greeting card company holiday" come from? I mean, according to Wikipedia, it's been around for a while. I had always heard the story of Saint Valentine in school.

Someone on the radio in WI was talking about how it's a holiday made up by the greeting card industry, but that's not true. And then I read it somewhere on my flist, I think. It's not like Grandparent's Day. It's an old holiday.
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Small fact about me; if you wake me up within 15 minutes of me falling asleep, prepare for really strange behavior. My hands shake, sometimes I get really afraid, I don't make sense, and it takes me a few minutes to figure out what's going on.

It hasn't happened for a while, but Husband woke me up during that fifteen minute window last night. And it turned into the motherload of strange. I was very confused and couldn't figure out what was going on. Nothing looked right. There were these rolling covers with chains at the end of the bed, and nothing else looked like our bedroom. I said, "I'm really confused," and he didn't quite answer. I then sat up and got more frightened because it was all so strange-looking. I concentrated and tried to figure out what was going on but it was like my brain was unable to figure out such a concept. After intense thought, I managed to say, "I don't know where I am," which also went uncommented-on by Husband. I thought I had to use the bathroom, so I got up, and tried walking, only the walls were different and there were tons of doors, and I couldn't quite understand what was going on. My hand would hit the wall, but I couldn't see a wall, so it was the ultimate disconnect. I did manage to finally get into the bathroom, though the strangeness lingered and lingered. It was almost like being blind because the hallucinations were so vivid that I couldn't see the real world.

No, I did not take any medication. This was an entirely free journey into weirdsville. By the time I got back in bed, I could finally see the real world, and it was with a great deal of relief that I realized that I was home. Yes, it took that long to figure out.

In other news, I am mainlining on the playlist for my giant Riptide fic, working on restocking my eBay store, and thinking about processing new merchandise, though I probably will craft something instead. At least, I should. I had leftover Starbucks chai from Saturday night, and it was quite intense. I think that it got stronger somehow. There was leftover prime rib in the fridge, too, so I ate that as well. Along with orzo and green beans. An awesome leftover lunch.

I am so obsessed with this playlist. I really hope I can get some writing done this week. I'm starting to get super excited about finally posting this bastard.

ETA: Also, courtesy of [ profile] lady_branwyn, this hilarious Cracked blog entry about LJ.

Song meme

Feb. 20th, 2011 10:19 pm
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I've forgotten the rules and I can't be arsed to go find the words to copy-paste here. I think you're supposed to put your mp3 player on shuffle, write down the first line, and people guess the artist, right? Okay, that sounds doable.

Oh, grah. I have no headphones. I'll just have to listen to the song in WMP after it comes up on my Zen.

Oh, and because there are a bunch of songs I don't even listen to, I will be culling anything that I've never heard before. I have almost 4000 songs in it, after all. ETA: And if the title is the first word in the song, I'm skipping those, too. Like "Don't Lose Your Head," by Queen, whereupon the phrase "don't lose your head" is said six times before any other lyric. Same with "Ophelia" and "Suede" and a bunch of others. Also, I might have some of the words wrong because I mishear stuff all the time.

1. So I'm back to the velvet underground/back to the floor that I loved/to a room with some lace and paper flowers [ profile] keladry_lupin

2. Given any day there's a jet flying somewhere/she bought a ticket and she vanished in the sky/how was I to know she was leaving in the morning/I never heard her go/she never said goodbye

3. We are waiting/for the summer/sun will bring back/treasures for us [ profile] ashkevran

4. It lay buried here/it lay deep inside me/it's so deep I don't think I can speak about it

5. We were at a party/His ear lobe fell in the deep/Someone reached in and grabbed it [ profile] midnitemaraud_r

Read more... )
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I drove home late last night to get ahead of the winter storm. Thank goodness for that; the snow is falling fast and thick here now, and I have a feeling that I avoided some slick, freezing-rain hijinx in Chicago.

Speaking of Chicago, you might know that I love it and consider it to be a magical city in some ways. It is beautiful and I have such a love/hate relationship with it. I drive through once a month, and the traffic is a teeth-gnasher on the best of days. But the's so pretty! And there's just something about it.

Last night, I had one of the most beautiful drives ever. By the time I got to Chicago, the sky was that lovely dark shade of indigo you see in early evening. The cityscape was against it, all bejeweled with yellow and blue lights, and the tops of the skyscrapers were wreathed in clouds. The giant white antennae on the Sears tower were glowing white. It was marvelous.

Later, in Gary, there was a vast factoryscape, lights everywhere, giant plumes of smoke trailing into the sky, and in the far-off background, a huge, vivid orange slice of moon. Amazing.

Missed you all! I am sad to say that despite my best efforts, I somehow managed to not keep ahead of the flist, and I sense that there is a gap. So I will be reading 999 entries and hoping that I didn't miss much. *hugs*
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My friends are coming back tonight! I will not longer be responsible for anything except myself! huzzah! Good times.

My digestive system is very very unhappy right now. I had some sort of heartburn, which might be from that time of the month showing up. It feels weird, though, because there are moments where I feel like I'm so hungry I could eat my own head. But it's not quite hunger. I really want this to stop. I almost never get heartburn and no sir, I don't like it.

In good news, I suddenly thought of something that could occur in the scene I'm writing, which makes me excited to write. So I might have broken through, if I can just find the time to sit down and write it. I don't know how likely that is.

Also, there is too much laundry. And I have to clean their house (well, mostly I have to direct the kids to clean the house, but sometimes that's just as exhausting).

That just about sums it up. I'll be on LJ only sporadically from now until a week from Sunday, so consider yourself warned.
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The Paypal woman has kindly canceled the dispute and also won't open the second invoice. THANK GOODNESS. Because I really could not afford that right now. When I'm gone for a month, I don't get paid until the day before I leave to come home, and so I have to have my finances arranged just so and adding even a pin to one side can cause the whole thing to collapse. This time I had more of a cushion, but not enough for such a huge expense.

In other news, I had another dream about [ profile] gmonkey42. Strange. I was watching TV with my dad, and I realized that we were watching the new PotC movie. GMonkey was in it, and she was dressed like a really fancy ninja pirate wench in maroon and black leather, and her hair was done in a very short Aeon Flux hairstyle, and she had a large barcode/Japanese calligraphy tattoo on her neck. There was some sort of smoker in front of her full of flames, and she looked like she was thinking about revenge. My dad kept trying to change the channel, and I got really aggravated. "But that's my friend!" I kept insisting. "I want to watch!"

I think I've figured out where they strange vivid dreams are coming from. Yeah, that time of the month started today. I will definitely be going to bed early. Probably by 9.


Feb. 7th, 2011 07:16 pm
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So yeah. I should have kept on my first course and begged the woman not to mark the Paypal invoice as not received. Because it was a significant sum of money, and now I'm in the red. And when her second one hits (there were TWO invoices), it will be even worse. I don't have a lot of money open on my credit cards, and this is going to eat it all and then some.

Even worse, I cannot mail the items until the 22nd (which we both agreed to). And the Paypal claim must be finished by the 27th. The customer is in Germany and there is no way that the items will reach her before the 27th.

I am never doing this again, no matter how much the customer begs me to.

I am trying not to freak out entirely over this.
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I know, I've been spammy. It will cease on Saturday, though, because for a week I will be processing merchandise and I will not have the energy to do anything except check my email.

Anyway. I just wanted to share that I am caught up again on my flist! Huzzah.

Also, I am halfway through my absence from home. This is a melodramatic time for me, as I begin to imagine I am Macbeth, who finds that it's the same amount of effort to go back or go forward in his river of blood. Told you. Melodrama.

I can't believe how quickly time is flying!

I've finished rereading the giant fic. Sadly, I am now stuck in a sentence. It's official. If it weren't for those bastard Sticky Sentences, I'd get a lot more writing done, I think. No, really. They're horrible unfeeling bastards and they just sit there and laugh at me. I read them and think, "But I have no idea what could come next!" And that's it for months. STUCK.

And now I'm motivated to work on another story but NO I WANT TO FINISH THE BIG ONE NOW NOW NOW. I have a week left that has a teeny set of windows of free time and I want to write! So that when I get home it's finished and all I have to do is post it. Growly.

Also had a title for yet another story pop into my head. I would like to write it but the title implies that it's very very long and the actual story seems like a short story so I have to work on that dichotomy.

I am almost entirely recovered from the plague! I've given up the neti pot because I fear that too much liquid was getting into my ears. It was a bit uncomfortable. I will go back to it occasionally, but for now I'm giving things time to dry out.

If this isn't one of the most boring entries I've ever done, then I've lost my ability to judge truly boring things and that frightens me.
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A minor annoyance: the sound on my laptop has stopped working. The system sounds are fine, but nothing else will play. No more Gumby. Alas! Fixed.

A major annoyance: An overseas customer wanted to buy a bunch of stuff. A high dollar amount. I've sold to her before. I explained that I didn't have the stuff and I would charge her and ship her in late Feb. Long story short, she asked me to charge her before the end of the year and still ship her in late Feb.

I was very reluctant to do so, but because she's bought from me before, I agreed. I invoiced her through Paypal and she paid. Now that I'm here, I just sent her a note about how many of the items were in stock, and that I would ship them as soon as I got back to MI.

She has just sent me a note that she is going to inform Paypal that I have not sent the merchandise, and that after I send her the merchandise she will close the claim. She begged me not to refund her funds, to just wait and send the stuff and then she'll close the claim.

OMG. OMG. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS. I have no idea how Paypal will react to this. They could close my account. Seriously, I don't have enough funds to cover the money or I'd just send her the money back and say screw it. I mean, I do understand that she wants some protection, but this was agreed upon over a month ago!

I am nearly in tears right now. She could jeopardize my entire selling career on eBay, and I'm not sure how she thinks this would help her in the end.

Let me reiterate: I do NOT think she is malicious at all. I think that she is honest, and she feels that she must follow the rules and tell Paypal she does not have the merchandise.


ETA: Prickle being awesome.
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No, really. I've watched hours of it with one of the kids. There's a lot available on YouTube. So here's a random sampling of thoughts.

*Did you know that Gumby lives on a farm? I had no clue. I mean, I vaguely remembered that they went in and out of books, but the book that Gumby generally goes in and out of is Down on the Farm. They have chickens and they grow vegetables. In the older shorts, Gumby lives there with his mom, dad, and sister Minga, but later he doesn't seem to live there, and it seems like the family lives in Gumbasia and Gumby has his band's practice barn set up in DotF. Still with chickens and vegetables.

*Yes, Gumby has a rock n roll band for many of the eps. Gumby and the Clayboys is the newer version. The older version is Gumby's something, can't remember. Oh, no, wait--I think it's just the Gumby's. Yes, with apostrophe.

*Pokey's and Gumby's eyes change through the years. At first they're white backgrounds with little round beads, and then they become flat for Gumby, with big flat black irises, and then Pokey's become blue less bead-like dots on white rounded eyes. Pokey's face gets a lot more homogenized later. Early on, it's kind of messy at times.

*In one episode (I am not making this up), Gumby dresses up in different outfits. Including Eddie Murphy. Not making this up. It isn't a Clokey short, I suspect; it's fairly new.

*The Blockheads are just...evil. There's no explanation. There's no justification. They just do bad things, over and over again.

*While I was watching, my brain just kept formulating the rules for the Gumby universe. Sadly, though, things that happen in one ep sometimes don't happen in another. For example, in one ep, Gumby can grow huge and pick things up from high above him; in another he can't. In some eps he can break into a lot of tiny Gumbys; in other eps it doesn't even seem like a possibility.

*In the Gumby Movie, there's a Gumby robot that attacks Gumby. Eventually Gumby escapes to a space book and uses a light saber to cut off the Gumby robot's hand, which they show a closeup of while it sparks on the ground. I guess they had to up the gore quotient because it was a movie.

*I like Prickle the dinosaur best. He'd fit in great on the Riptide; he's a detective, I swear. He always figures out what's going on before anyone. He's a little fussy and a little vain and he's actually got character. Unlike Gumby, who just kind of goes around and saves everyone and does all sorts of Gary Stu stuff. I mean, in the later eps. In the early stuff, he does get in trouble and has strange adventures, like when he followed a bit of dough into a dough universe and then got baked into a jelly roll. Or the time when he got a bunch of robots to do his housework and they went a little nuts and wreaked havoc. Anyway, Prickle is consistently cool, and he breathes fire every once in a great while, which is a nice bonus.

*Mom does nothing but stuff Gumby full of food, while Dad is a fireman and rescues Gumby on many occasions. Mom is useless whenever bad things happen. Minga, the little sister, gets into trouble and has to be saved quite often. At least Goo has some sparks of personality. She can fly and she does lend a hand in restraining enemies and saving people.

*I can't believe I had this much to say about Gumby.
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This time I was in college. My roommates were [ profile] gmonkey42 and Joseph Fiennes. GMonkey disliked Fiennes because he was a player and a bit of an ass. GMonkey and I shared a room and he had a room at the other end of the apartment. Anyway, one day I was sitting on the couch and I was falling asleep while studying, and he came in and I basically kind of fell asleep on him, and he was really sweet and kind about it, and the whole time I was thinking that I shouldn't fall for this because he was a player. Then GMonkey came in and saw us, and I could tell she was not happy, because she just kind of gave me this unhappy look and then went to our room. And then he did this weird thing )and I thought, y'know what? GMonkey is right. He is really weird. And I went back to our room and we were talking about him, and then he came into the room and was trying to get us to go out with him to a karaoke place. GMonkey said she was a horrible singer (wtf? She isn't, dude) but said that she'd dance, at the least. I promised to sing, and I thought, well, maybe I should give him a chance if he really is trying to date me.

Not sure how interesting this is, honestly, but it was so vivid and weird.
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I dreamt I was somehow in the Mad Men universe. Let me begin this by saying I've never even seen the show.

I was back in time, somehow living in the same house, and I was married to a guy who wasn't Husband. I worked at a company that was some sort of ad agency, with lots of older guys who were running the show. I came to work and just kept thinking things like, "I'm just not going to get anywhere in this company" because of the time period. I was kind of depressed because i was worried about living during the time. I tried to cheer myself up by thinking about how the ozone layer wasn't ruined yet.

It went on and on and on. There was a trip to a cottage near a lake, and there was a guy who was flirting with me at the office, and there was a strange experience where I was scared at the house because I thought someone was after me when I woke up in bed. I also followed some of the office politics, like that the company was merged with another and they were trying desperately to keep things moving forward, and the new company was pretty much just taking over.

I think that the lingering feeling from this dream is of being sad because of constraints, and also about being depressed about not being able to meet my full potential and having to live in a society I didn't want to live in. I'm certainly glad that it was a dream.
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So Borders employees are being told that if they don't sell the value club, they might lose their jobs or get hours cut, even though Borders might go out of business any minute, leaving the customer holding a valueless card that they paid money for.

I swear, this makes me insane. So Waldenhell infected Borders with their Preferred Reader program and their methods. Ugh. I've already covered my history with Waldenhell, and suffice it to say, no sir, I don't like it.

Reading the article made me just about break out in hives, seriously. I still have nightmares about being forced to sell the Preferred Reader program.
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I can't believe that I have almost read the whole flist! I'm at skip?=120!

Have you ever wanted to write your LJ entries in the style of another LJer? I find that 90% of the time I have to stop myself from trying to write my journal as if I was [ profile] jekesta. Sadly, I could not manage it, I think. She is brilliant.

I'm going to try to work tomorrow. I hope that is not a decision I will regret.

Apparently a huge snowstorm is heading this way. It's supposed to really hit us on Tuesday. Schools might close. Oh dear.

I have grown far too fond of my phone. I love watching Twitter on it. I am actually using it to keep track of my Yahoo accounts completely because it's a pain to do it on my laptop. I knew that a smartphone would be an awesome toy for me.

I scraped the bumper of my friend's SUV. grrr.
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I'm starting to get loopy.

I'm feeling better, but I keep having this issue where I go to bed, and within ten minutes cannot breathe at all through my nose. So tonight, instead of waiting an hour in misery and then going downstairs and taking the NyQuil, I took it ten minutes ago instead, and I'll get in bed soon. I'm really pushing it because NyQuil typically stops working for me after two days, and this will be the third, but I have hope. And I can feel the loopy, so maybe it isn't a terrible idea.

I have my aircard plugged in, and I'm scrolling through the flist! hooray! I have a great connection (well, as great as an aircard connection can be), and with luck, I can catch up with the flist. Which means that I won't miss a chunk of entries, which usually seems to happen because by the time I get home I'm past 999 entries.

I'm trapped home with the boys this weekend. On purpose, of course; I just want to get better so I can face the week head-on. So I don't want to go anywhere, except maybe the grocery store. It'll just be more Gumby episodes, rounds of Uno, and listening to Nintendo DS music, but that's fine. heh.

I am learning entirely too much about Gumby. My brain has already begun to wonder about fanfic and formulate rules of the universe. I am forever changed by fandom, I tell you.

Night, flist!
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The dizziness seems to have abated slightly. The fever was not so bad last night, and I actually fell asleep at 10 and stayed mostly asleep. I also slept for a couple extra hours after the boys left for school, which I wasn't able to do yesterday. Took a long hot bath, which did help alleviate a teensy bit of the nasal blockage.

I'm off to the store today. I'm going to buy a neti pot. I've had serious reservations about it because I choke really, really easily and I just have been...not wanting to try it, but the misery is so miserable that I think I want to try. Also, I am meh about going to a doctor about this because a) I have had two rounds of antibiotics in the last three months, and they often won't prescribe more after that and b) I'm in another state so I'd have to go through all the new patient stuff. And if I went through all of that and they said, "Oh, just drink more fluids and rest" then I would be sadface.

I am feeling just a teensy bit better, but I have a feeling that once I get through the shopping, dinner, and watching the boys tonight that I'll be completely zonked again. Thank goodness we're almost into the weekend, which means I don't have to get up to see the boys off to school, and as long as I keep us well-stocked with groceries, I might not need to leave the house. *crosses fingers*

Thanks, flist, for all your sweet well-wishing and kind words. You rock!
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Yesterday during the day my fever went away and I felt somewhat better. But then by the end of the day I was feeling a little dizzy and warm again. And I spent a miserable night being hot and shivery and just feeling...yucky. And now I'm so congested that I can barely breathe through my nose. The last set of sinus infections were mostly throat-based, and those were much more tolerable because I could breathe. This one sucks. My neck and my side are in knots from constantly blowing my nose.

I'm sorry just to whine and flail, but I'm just so...miserable. blergh.

At least I got to rewatch When Harry Met Sally. I was thinking of it recently because [ profile] gmth mentioned it, and it was on VH1 something, and now I'm remembering just how wonderful this movie is, and how I know so much of it by heart. "I am not your consolation prize." I love how tightly woven it is, yet it's such a great example of a movie coming together in a perfect way. Love love love.

Oh, now Princess Bride is on. Thank you, TV gods, I appreciate it.
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So yeah, I ended up with Husband's plague, though I (thankfully) skipped the dehydration part of it. I did get the fever and chills, though, and now I have some congestion and sinus pressure, which I fervently hope will subside quickly.

I stayed home today from work (I watch the friends' kids and I also work a few hours each day in their store while the kids are at school). I'm glad that I did so; I'm still feeling pretty rough. So much for writing and doing fun things; I'm barely able to get my brain to process normal thoughts. In fact, I started this entry thinking that I had something of interest to say, but now I find that I don't, so I'm going to sign off now. lol.


Jan. 24th, 2011 05:55 pm
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I am in WI. And I have a sore throat. Which is exactly how Husband's horrible malaise started.

I desperately DNW. I am so frightened that I've given it to my WI friends, who are on a cross-country trip right now. And I am watching their kids, and I really do not want to pass it along to them.

I am really crossing my fingers here. I've had two rounds of misery in the past few months, I really thought that this one might pass me by. Just...grah. That's all I can say.


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