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The ever-lovely [ profile] tinx_r has written a spooky vampire Riptide fic for me called Portrait of the Vampire. Rated NC-17, full of yummy Nick and Cody, and as tasty as all of Tinx's writing is. I enjoyed it very much--it's like watching a new episode. Er, an NC-17 episode, that is.

Summary: With Murray in the hands of the vampire, Nick and Cody must work fast to find him in time...

Portrait of the Vampire: Part one, Part two.
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[ profile] bronze_ribbons has just written the most lovely and funny Snupin ficlet for me! It's called Outskirting the Dark and it features h/c and Lupin in a fairy skirt. It's sweet and yummy and even has a few unusual cameos (hee!). Have I mentioned that Ribbons is one of my favorite authors evah and that this is making me swoon in delight?! It might be a touch funnier, too, if you've read my Terminus writeups.

Go read it if you're interested. Especially if your name is [ profile] marginaliana or [ profile] gmonkey42.


ETA: I'm so relieved that she didn't think to pay me back for her Mistress of the Angst Ray characterization in the Squid Wars fics I did a couple years ago...hee!

ETAETA: squee! [ profile] melusinahp sent me a LJ gift!!! Aw, you're so sweet. Thank you so much!!
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I've just finished reading a short (5k) HP/Endless crossover by [ profile] gehayi. It's terrific. You can find it here. It's G-rated.

It's a retelling of the Peverell brothers story from canon, only fleshed out and made real. I love the spin on the characters, and I love how it's been written into the Endlessverse so seamlessly. Being a huge Gaiman Endless series fan, I was enthralled with the story. Definitely check this one out.

Prompt/Summary: Hermione was wrong: the Peverell brothers were not just dealing with a metaphor. (Discworld, Sandman, or any other fandom with an anthropomorphic personification of Death)

Excerpt )
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Right now I've been quite entranced with Dangerous People, a Snupin WIP by [ profile] evecat (evegenia on IJ). It's post-DH, contains DH spoilers, and so far is pre-slash, though I have a feeling that it will not remain so for long. The author's warnings are: language, violence alluded to, character death alluded to, but I would add that the violence alluded to can get a bit gory. Just a bit.

There's no real summary, so I'll just say that Snape and Lupin are on the run from a Wizarding World gone mad, and end up in the Chicago, trying to blend in with the wizards and witches there. That sounds hokey, but it is entirely not. The political situation in both countries is explored, and Snape and Lupin do their best to keep up with their cover stories.

More )

The plot is so unexpected, moving here and there, and I love not being able to guess, even though some of the issues faced are quite logical. People complicate things, and this is where the story shines--in all of its complications, in its lovely, stubbornly fixed pace, and its well-realized characters.

This is one of the reasons I love fandom, finding stories like this.

Other thoughts, and an excerpt )

Here is the link to Chapter one on LJ. Keep in mind that the author has now switched to IJ, and anything beyond chapter 7 is available there instead. Also, some of the chapters have links and some do not; some of her links lead only to her journal. I've compiled a set of links for the chapters--it's under the cut.

Chapter 1: Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs

Links to the rest of the chapters )


Dec. 31st, 2007 02:33 pm
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I know we're all up to our gills in fest fic--but here is a fantastic story outside of the fests. [ profile] girl_tarte has written a dark, taut Snupin that is bursting at the seams with pain, regret,'s amazing. I recc'ed a story of hers before, and I am just enthralled with this one.

nothing here resets the clocks is fantastic. Definitely NC-17, dark, perhaps even grim, but this story is incandescent with desire and rage, it lights the hidden corners of the mind that both Severus and Remus would rather not reveal. It clicks into place with canon, filling in the cracks, slinking around the corners to illuminate the adult world behind Harry.

I could read this twenty times and find something new to shiver over every single time.

An excerpt:

Inevitably Black corners me in the hallway of Grimmauld Place, where I am, as usual, the first to arrive for the Order meeting. He looks like he wants to take my head off.

“Harry says you’ve stopped teaching him occlumency.”

“That’s a rather generous assessment. I would rather say that I have stopped demonstrating legilimency.”
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Holy cow. I've been reading most of the Snupin Santa entries, and as always, there's a grab bag of "good," "lots of fun," and "not my cup of tea."

And then there's "HOLY SMOKES THIS IS AWESOME." You know--the kind of story that defeats you as a writer, because you wish you had written it, and that you haven't makes you unutterably sad.

Modern Love, written for [ profile] vibishan, is one such story. 11,000 words, PG-13, post-DH but with some DH events not occurring. The summary is: Set several years after DH, Remus and Severus are in a relationship and raising Teddy together. On the surface things seem wonderful, until you take in insecurity and miscommunication.

It's one of those fics where you are literally immersed in their world, where everything is written so realistically and meaningfully that each paragraph just rolls off the page and into your mind. The characterizations are terrific. I generally avoid any fics with children in them because most I've read have featured some sort of pod-child who bears little or no resemblence to real children--but Teddy, in this fic, is so incredibly well-written that he actually elevates the story instead of hindering it.

Writing a characterization of Severus as father sounds like a challenge--but this story proves that it can be done, and with style. The incredible touches in this story are the things I always long for in wizarding stories--not only does Teddy spout off about potions and magical creatures, but the adults even talk about magical affairs.

There is no graphic content at all. The PG-13 rating says it all--this is a nuanced, lovely piece of work, a story that makes one feel right at home in the wizarding world. I felt like I had slipped into the family and was sitting on the hearth, surrounded by magic and yet still human, full of emotion, feeling, and especially the regret--or sometimes pride--we feel from the choices we make.
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Have just read a dark!fic Snupin tale that is quite amazing. It's called Forty Drops, by [ profile] rufus, and wow. It's R, for violence, but there is no sexual content, I promise, though you should definitely read the warnings (but don't worry, it isn't that frightening), and it's just a terrific tale of Severus during the war. I won't tell you any more...I don't want to spoil it at all, but it's terrific Snape stream-of-consciousness POV is not to be missed. I love the use of language, of Severus trying to deal with what's going on, and it features one of my favorite things...the reader having to piece together what's happening. It's great.

I'm loving the dark!fic challenge so far, but this is really one of the standout pieces from the challenge.


Mar. 13th, 2007 10:18 pm
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I just received an update alert from fanfiction net that Potions and Prejudice by slipper balloon has been updated.

You all know that I am not into HG/SS. But for some reason, this fic really caught my eye. HG/SS shippers might think it clichéd, but (mainly due to my recent Pride & Prejudice obsession), I'm intrigued by it.

What fascinates me is that it's been ages since it was updated. Seriously. At least a year, if not a year and a half. I remember it from one of my earlier bursts of energy, when I was going through recs pages and trying to look at everything, so it has to have been awhile.

It interests me that she mentions how many people urged her to continue, privately, by email. I mean, I have one or two who occasionally mention it, but after last year (when I only updated three times or so), I lost a lot of people...people who seemed to disappear into the fandom nexus. Anyway, it's so sweet that enough people cheered her on, and she updated. Makes me think that fandom isn't quite the black hole it appears to be sometimes.

Quick rec

Feb. 17th, 2007 04:43 pm
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Have just read Five Times Severus Snape Falls in Love, by [ profile] ldybastet and [ profile] lysa1. It's short, very short, in fact, PG-13, SS/LM, and it's a terrific piece of writing, traversing the difficult territory of Severus's inner emotional landscape. I liked the poetic language, and how the different loves of Severus's life are described. Very well-done and thought-provoking.


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