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Oh, and I almost forgot. At one point I was sitting with a group of people, and one of us was mentioning the different fandom_wank groups, and then another person walking past said very loudly, "Fandom wankers just need to get laid." I believe she thought we were complaining about f_w.

No one pointed out to her that nearly everyone there was a fandom_wanker, hilariously enough, and she'd just said the equivalent of, "It's fanFICTION, I can write what I want."

Also, I wanted to make something nice to hand out at the con, so I contacted [ profile] sigune and asked her to design something for me, which I then had another person make into pendants for me (she did the coloring effects and found the "S". [ profile] xterm just mentioned it, and I realized I had forgotten to show it in my journal. So here it is, in all its glory, both sides...

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All cons have a unique flavor, it seems. While this one resembled Lumos, it still had its own look and feel, and even though I enjoyed it very much, I realize that a few things happened at this one that didn't happen at the other two.

First and foremost, I took the fewest pics ever, I think. Especially of costume characters. I caught most of them at PR, but not here. And that was because...

Secondly, I met the fewest number of new people--I spent a ton of time with old friends at this con. Julian, Margina, and Gmonkey--we were definitely like the Three Musketeers, in a way. Which is not bad! Not at all! It was simply different.

Also, I got more involved in the Snarry stuff. The new people I met were mostly Detroit-area Snarry lovers, and that's a great thing--I'm really, really hoping that it will lead to more RL get-togethers in the future. I've been neglecting the idea of a Detroit get-together because I've been so busy. But seriously, there are some great LJers/fandomers here, and I can't wait to hang out with them and get my fandom fix. heh.

The con was great. Now I have to think about cons in the future...because it is an expense, as you all know. And I should be saving for a house and stuff. But here I am, singing Bohemian Rhapsody in a hotel room instead.

I have to say that I also feel like a bit of closure is looming for me, too. DH kind of put an end to many things in my head, and I can't seem to revive them. I absolutely love writing tLS, and am committed to finishing it, and I have a few other stories, and there's Snupin Santa, but other than that--I feel like it's finished, like the story is done, and I don't need to write it any longer. No, this is not the BUHBYE FANDOM thing at all. I just think that only time will tell if I can get my HP on again.

I had a lovely time at the con, and welcome to the new friends in the journal! Sorry about the spammage, too.
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If you thought I was long-winded before, well, you haven't seen this entry.

I don't even know who is reading these at this point. I'm fairly certain the only entertaining one was the first, and they all go downhill from there.

Saturday, DH spoilers, la and la. )
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Need I even say how [ profile] julian_black rocks? Well, she does. Best. Roomie. Ever. She even wrote on her hand.

I have lots of notes this time. Okay, fine, I always have lots of notes. Anyway, I'm going to try to type all of these summaries tonight, but my hands are already complaining.

Tuesday and Wednesday, y'all, DH spoilers, too )
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I always end up with an assortment of silly pics, so here they are.

Images below the cut. )
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The organizers put together a Hall of Reflection, which was a room containing several memorials to the fallen characters of the series.

Several images, AND DH SPOILERS. )


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