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So last week Husband and I retrieved our mail while on our way to my sister's house. While perusing it in the car, I found a model railroad magazine and a Harriet Carter catalog.

Now, having never received these before, I scratched my head for a moment, and then realized that they were addressed to my elderly neighbor.

That sorted out, I proceeded to thumb through the Harriet Carter catalog during the drive, thinking it might be good for a chuckle. Imagine my astonishment when I found it to be chock-full of horrors. Really good horrors, too. And since it's been a long time since I inflicted horrors upon you, I decided to make an extra-special action-packed edition in honor of Harriet and her fine products.

Yes, I stole mail just so I could share this with you. Fine, it was only for a day, so I could scan these in. But still. That's the depth of my commitment to amusing my flist.

Also, it gets a little scary. Be warned.

Five images (and much WTFery) under the cut )

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I have a subscription to TV Guide.

I love TV Guide.

The ads make me laugh like an idjit.

I just received next week's issue, and it features:

Nauseating ad )
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...where I have taken my first step to Global Domination Through eBay by renting a PO box. Go me.

I also grabbed my mail on the way in. The new TV Guide was there. First thing I do with TV Guide is flip it open to all of the stiff inserts and rip them out enthusiastically so that none are left to distract me from finding a listing.

These inserts are always a motley collection of "Baby Unicorns Collection by Franklin Mint" and "Collectible Wolf Plates".

Today's insert: "The greatest literature of all perfect minature. Just $7.95 each."

Yes, tiny versions of classic books (in the public domain, of course) like Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, featuring "Original classic cover designs", "Rich gold-patterned covers", "Traditional stitched headbands", and "Select ivory-colored book paper". From the illustration it appears that each book is approximately two inches long.

"These great books will captivate your family".

Yes, if your family is six inches tall.


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