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Okay, now these are my favorites. This cemetery was fantastic. It was the Old Town Cemetery, which was in Sandwich (which claims it is the oldest town in New England), and it was on a hillside next to a river, and had lots of trees and atmosphere and was just gorgeous. It had some of the coolest stones. I had to turn up the contrast on some of the photos so you can see the text.

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Again, these are not my favorite pics. Taken at Orleans Cemetery.

We went on a tour of the cemetery, but it turned out to be a gossip session, and I'd rather hear about the cemetery itself. The woman who gave it was very nice, but quite frankly, she was so gleeful about reading deceased women's diaries that I was a little surprised.

It was a very large cemetery, with a large modern section, hilly and without much tree cover. Not really my favorite, though a couple stones were interesting.

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So while we were on our honeymoon, I told Husband that we had to visit some graveyards. He was a bit appalled at first, which bewildered me, but when we visited the first one he actually seemed to get into it, and wandered about reading epitaphs and even getting in the way of shots, lol.

So here is the first set of images. There will be three entries total, one for each site, and I'm warning you that this is the most boring set of pics of the three. The light was very low because the sun was setting, and the pics aren't as nice as I would have hoped. Still, they hold interest for fellow taphophiles, so here you go.

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The funny pics! At last!

No more pics tonight, I promise. I still have eight million cemetery pics, but I'll do those over the weekend.

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Aug. 16th, 2008 10:01 pm
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Am posting from the road. Thank goodness I bought Husband a broadband card for his laptop!

Met up with [ profile] marginaliana and co. and had a fantastic, amazing dinner and conversation--I am already missing them very much.

The drive was annoying--lots of construction. We are now in Yarmouth, our destination.

We did pass by a rest area with a bagpiper standing and playing next to his car. I am not making this up.

And now we are at the Motel "Condo" of Much Disappointment. I am serious. The bed comes down from the wall (Murphy bed) and is not even the size of the full bed we have at home. And the full bed barely fits us as it is (remember, I am a big girl!). There are no places to put our luggage, because there's only a front room and a bathroom. No luggage rack. Almost no furniture except for a bookshelf and an entertainment center. Argh!

All I wanted was a working tub and a queen size bed. I'm now afraid of trying the tub tomorrow morning.

Thank goodness it does have a fridge and a microwave.

Talk to you soon, flist.
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A brief hello there. I'm home from my vacation, and will be departing on business for two weeks in less than twelve hours.

How was my vacation? Well, there were two parts...

First, four days in New England. This is my third or fourth trip out East, and I enjoy it every time. Lots of great cemeteries! I took about 30 or 40 pics of an overgrown graveyard from 1723.

We stayed in a cabin on the top of a very steep bluff. It was very ominous looking. Four bedroom, two-story structure. From the front the long windows were very dark, and it was foreboding. Inside...quite cheerful. There was a little journal left out for the renters to write thoughts in. From this journal I found out that the original owner was the guy who created "Beaker" for the Muppet Show. Apparently he also did some of the puppeteering for Ernie as well.

The last morning I spent there I was supposed to fly out at 10. At 5:30 in the morning I woke up (I am a very light sleeper) to the sound of wind. I laid in bed and listened to it sleepily.

Then there was this extraordinary howling sound and the wind hit the cabin with such force that the entire structure wobbled back and forth for several minutes. It was astonishing. The beds were shaking, everything was shaking, and the noise was quite terrific. After that the lightning and thunder began. I went downstairs to check that the windows were closed and the rain was hitting the south side of the cabin with such force that it sounded like a machine gun. What an experience.

Then I flew out of New England to attend a science fiction convention. I've never done that before.

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So I hoped to be able to write another chapter tonight...but barely could catch up with the e-mails, reviews, and everybody else's wonderful LJ stuff.

Before I left I ordered my MIDI cable. They told me that my card was declined and hung up on me. Then I get back from the trip and lo and behold, the lovely MIDI cable has arrived. After all, there was nothing wrong with my card. Now I *really* have to get on the ball and figure out how to use it and which music-making software to purchase. There are so many of them. I just want to be able to use my MIDI keyboard to help compose some tunes on the computer. Yep. Stuff in my head needs to come out.

My Sane Thought: Planes. I like 'em. Except when they're delayed. I guess that should be renamed My Sane Opinion.

I'll probably update a few times over the weekend in between work...but then I'll be off for business for a week...


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