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  • Disclaimer: If this is bad, or if some of the stuff isn’t exactly right, please don’t sue.

    Wait--we can sue people for writing non-canon fic? and badfic?!!! Wow, I wish I'd known that five years ago. I'd be richer than Bill Gates by now.

  • Hannibal jumped straight out of bed. As he grabbed his gun, he noticed that it was eight o'four in the morning.

  • Murdock is due for a labotomy. Can the team save him before it is too late?

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    Yes, I've finally made my way through all of the Face-centric stories in the A*Team archive.

  • [General Stockwell] wanted to know more about [Face] so he could understand him, and if possible, help exercise a few demons.

  • Summary: A fabric shop owner receives a visit.

  • Dedicated to all of those who have lost a loved one whether it is family, friend, pet, or banana (you just don't realize how attached you can get to a banana).

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  • Warning: When Decker, Face and Murdock are caught by the rednecks du jour, they have to find *some* way to break the tension... Rednecks du jour! ahaha! And it's described as a PWP, so I'll give you three guesses how they break the tension...

  • Summary: Murdock entertains his friends to pass the time doing laundry. Warning: None. Well maybe that you'll never look at socks in the same way.

  • They were led to Chao's office. Chao looked them over. His eyes lit up when he found out they were prime people. That's right! The A*Team cannot be divided by any number except 1!

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  • Warning: Author was hot and tired and thought she was clever

  • Summary: The A-Team head to the moons of Jupiter to protect miners being harassed into selling their claims. That part's easy. The tricky part is figuring out who they can trust.

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  • Uh, Face, I don't think this means what you think it means... "Don't worry, Mark. He won't do anything to me, I am not under his commando anymore."


  • Hannibal lifted his hands in international sing of giving up, so did the rest of the team.

    I have now composed the International Sing of Giving Up. It sounds like this:

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  • I know I keep saying best summary ever, but this really has got to be in at least the top ten: Summary: A cross over with Superman The Movie. The A-Team arrive at earth from Krypton to combat evil.

  • Hannibal grinned, but his eyes were ice. Murdock and BA's matched.

  • As always, the warnings crack me up. Warning: One bad word. That's all. And one very, very big dog in the end.

  • Face groaned. "What'd I do?" "You pulled out your IV and accidentally stabbed yourself with the knife a few dozen times ..."

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  • The Keanu Reeves award goes to: "And the team is all I've ever had. So don't try any of that 'whoa is me' crap!" Face glared at Frankie.

  • I cannot tell you how much I giggle over the warnings. Warning: Utterly harmless. See what I mean?

  • As soon as he heard the Colonel ask Face what was going on, Frankie's overactive mouth came back to life. "That's it, ask Face, there wouldn't be any biasness there." Hmm...biasness is not being picked up as a misspelled word by Semagic or Word. Strange. It isn't listed in my dictionary, though.

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    Well, damnit. I think I lost a couple lines because I forgot to save them in Semagic. Or maybe I'm just confused. On with the foo' posts...

  • This is the summary for a poetry entry: Summary: Yes this is ateam related. The two are BA and Face. I didn't want to tell, but I have to prove this is ateam. Those damned summary-flame-writers again! They just can't leave people alone! They just have to know who is in the story and that just ruins it!

  • Warning: the mention of sex during the beginning but NOTHING happens... Even a mention of sex must be Completely Disclosed. It's funny, though, that nothing happens. At all.

  • OMG OMG! There is a challenge to write geriatric A*Team fanfic! It's called...the Grey Team Challenge. ahahaha! The guys unite as a Team once again to save Hannibal and BA's retirement village.

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  • I laughed like a lolrus at this: Murdock to Face: This is the eighties now and you have to wear clothes!

  • When he realized that it was all a farce, his eyes became pools of dangerous blue daggers. But what happened when he was shown a satire? Plushy green scimitars?

  • Apparently the Grangers opened a diner in Montana. Who knew?

  • 'Why are you here? Why aren't you in collage or sitting on a beach?' 'Well, since the giant Collage Nightmare of '76, where all the glue exploded, I just haven't had the heart to go back...'

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  • I am still giggling because of this line: BA got to his look at the big black man’s angry continence and no words were needed. Yes, I am five years old.

  • This is a part of a real summary: Warning: Mention of polka dotted underwear, badly covered up swearing, and a lot of misspellings

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The more fandoms I read, the more I realize they are all the same...

  • In one fic, Hannibal and Face attend "computing night school" and take a course entitled "Hacking for Criminals." I don't remember seeing that course offered the last time I went through a community college schedule...

  • This is a real summary: The *basic* premise is that Murdock was adopted by rocker Ted Nugent, who wants to reform him and make him a sane, upstanding American citizen‹AND ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

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    Some observations, in true Valis bullet-point style.
  • Earnest haiku poetry about BA Baracus. I am not making this up.

  • One of the authors on the archive is Jullian Gray, which is making me absolutely crazy, because my substitutive memory thinks it's [ profile] julian_black for a split second everytime it sees the name. Julian, plus color, get it? *headdesk*

  • I was surprised at how much Murdock/Face there is. After I thought about it for a moment, though, I realized that it makes sense, given the possible pairings.

  • BA Baracus is rarely given much of a role in any of the Face-centric stories I've looked at. Also, I have yet to find him paired with anyone, except for two stories (by the same author) where he was paired with Murdock because Face was with Hannibal. However, he does remind me of Hagrid in a way--I like him better in fanfiction than in canon. Though I have to say that I'm a helluva lot fonder of BA than Hagrid.

  • Best summary ever: What if the A Team were roosters? What if they were specially trained Roosters? What if they then escaped? What if their escape went slightly wrong?

  • I have seen countless summaries for Christmas fics. I have to say--I have never cared for any Christmas fic I've ever read, but they certainly are omnipresent in fandom, aren't they? There's also a single Hanukah fic.

  • Does every fandom have a "[X character]'s Very Bad, No Good, Horrible Day" fic? It seems like it.

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