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Title: Lay Your Hands on Me
Genre/Rating: Angst, Drama/R
Pairing/Characters: Nick, Cody
Word count: ~9500
Warnings: This fic is rated R due to scenes of violence, very raw language, and a small amount of gore. Some physical h/c, some emotional h/c. No sexual content.
Summary: A violent end to a case brings back frightening memories for Cody.
Notes: Thank you so much to [ profile] catyah, [ profile] oddmonster, and [ profile] tinx_r for their support and enthusiasm. Lucy is an Asian-American character from the episode "Smiles We Left Behind," but it is absolutely not necessary to have seen that episode to read this fic, and this does not contain spoilers for said episode. Tiffany is an OFC from the Pact on the Island and Too Close for Comfort, and, again, it isn't necessary to have read either fic to read this one. This fic owes a huge debt to the amazing stories in the Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien. I have done a little bit of research into the Vietnam War, and I apologize for any errors made. A giant thank you to Husband, who read and encouraged and advised. I listened to "Pull Out the Pin" by Kate Bush while writing.
Links: If you've never seen Riptide, or only vaguely remember it and want a refresher, check out either of these links, which will provide you with a basic overview: Seraphina_snape's intro to Riptide, Tinx_r's intro to Riptide

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[ profile] tinx_r has just illustrated it perfectly here.
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The ever-lovely [ profile] tinx_r has written a spooky vampire Riptide fic for me called Portrait of the Vampire. Rated NC-17, full of yummy Nick and Cody, and as tasty as all of Tinx's writing is. I enjoyed it very much--it's like watching a new episode. Er, an NC-17 episode, that is.

Summary: With Murray in the hands of the vampire, Nick and Cody must work fast to find him in time...

Portrait of the Vampire: Part one, Part two.
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What can I say? I was on a roll.

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Space pirate epic. Yes, you've read that correctly. [ profile] tinx_r and [ profile] oddmonster collaborated on this story, which was based on my prompt of "space pirates," and it's just so much yum. Hot guys in space, the Riptide/Mimi/Ebb Tide all reconfigured for intergalactic travel, a surprisingly effective Roboz, and h/c.

This is what I read fanfic for--escape, pure and simple. Escape with two hot guys, no less. So totally fun and I love how they adapt the Riptide concept to another genre.

Rated R. Slash, people, slash.

Summary: The Riptide takes on a freighter carrying highly sought-after cargo and find they have taken on more than they bargained for.

Neuros Are For Never: Part One
Neuros Are For Never: Part Two
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Yes, [ profile] tinx_r has drawn me in, hook, line, and sinker.

Riptide was a typical eighties detective show, with two bikini-obsessed guys and an ubergeek living on a boat (a thirties cabin cruiser) and solving cases in King Harbor, CA. (There was also a big pink helicopter with a mouth painted on it called the Screaming Mimi, a classic convertible 'Vette, a Jimmy, a Scarab powerboat, and an orange robot called Roboz, but I digress.)

I watched Riptide when it was originally broadcast. It was eventually slaughtered in the ratings by Moonlighting, and disappeared after its third season. It popped up again on USA, and I became obsessed with it at the time (it was shown with Airwolf (later Miami Vice), and I started watching it again), and I ended up watching every episode at least once, if not twice, or thrice.

Because of a story I recently found by [ profile] tinx_r, I wandered into the fanfic, and found (as I've babbled already) that not much was available. Still, I've consumed quite a bit. So then I decided to go ahead and buy the entire three seasons on DVD.

I was going to wait to watch the shows until I moved, because I don't think I'll have cable there (not available in that area) and I need something to pass the time while crafting. However, I just can't wait. And I've just (re)watched the pilot, and I have to say that there is no hope for me.

More about nostalgia for eighties shows, being oblivious to subtext, pushing my buttons (old gear that still works), and enjoying the hell out of this... )
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Exploring the Riptide fandom has been rather intriguing.

First, it has always been a small fandom, it seems.

Second, it was 'zine based at first (the show ran from 85-88), and it appears that not many of the zine stories have been transferred to the internet (though some are still orderable, like this set). (ETA: According to [ profile] tinx_r, that zine publisher is actually still quite active, and would be the place to go.) This is maddening to me--I want to read some of these stories so badly, but I'm worried that because the addresses listed are 3-4 years old, it might be fruitless to send away for them. I've seen some zines on eBay, too, but then I start thinking, do I really have this to spare right now...

Third, I can only find a single archive (Double Your Pleasure, a slash archive) and a fanpage with a few links. I found way more A*Team fanfic, honestly. Hell, fanfiction dot net has only three stories listed, though you can find five or six if you search diligently. My net mojo has abandoned me in this search...I've been lucky to find a scant handful of stories. Thank goodness for [ profile] pier56 and the tireless efforts of [ profile] tinx_r to get people to see the delicious slashy possibilities in a couple of yummy eighties guys living together in a small boat.

Fourth, the LJ presence is very small, and it turns out that [ profile] pier56 is rather new (and seems like the only LJ Riptide comm).

Fifth, you know your fandom small when you squee and clap your hands because all four of the Riptide regulars commented on your fic.
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So y'all know that I have a major weak spot for hurt/comfort fics. (I would even say that I have always had this jones--but that's for another essay.)

Anyway, for me there are certain characters who work in that role, and others who just don't. Even though there are many Remus h/c fics out there, I've never been very interested in them, for example; it was only Snape who really intrigued me in that role.

Even though I think of myself as primarily a HP fan, I do wander off into other fandoms occasionally. Especially older fandoms whose heroes I remember liking.

Recently I discovered the Riptide fandom on LJ. I found it because of [ profile] 10_hurt_comfort, which I usually skip over because it contains anime pairings I don't recognize or fandoms I'm not interested in. I have a very specific taste for h/c, lol.

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