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So my parents moved to this little teeny town that's located in the northern lower peninsula, on the west coast. Right on Lake Michigan. And even though I've visited and vacationed there many times, I still find it interesting and beautiful. I thought you guys might be interested in seeing some of the stuff I saw. And there's valis chatter to accompany, of course.

I forgot my camera for both of my trips in the past two weeks, so I took subpar pics with my phone. Forgive me in advance.

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The funny pics! At last!

No more pics tonight, I promise. I still have eight million cemetery pics, but I'll do those over the weekend.

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So I went on a week-long trip to FL with my sister and my parents. I forgot my camera, but fortunately my sister and my father let me borrow theirs.

Highlights? The Ringling Museum in Sarasota rocked. Though what interested me was that they were more into being a Real Museum than a circus museum. So the Real Museum was awesome, and better than the circus museum. But, considering the industry, it's surprising that anything survived, honestly.

We also went to a couple parks, one in Hommosassa (something like that). And we ate. It was a nice trip.

One of the most fun things I did was sneak off by myself and join [ profile] gillieweed and her precocious teenaged daughter for a day at the Tampa Renaissance Festival. We had long wondered what it would be like to bring together two weirdness magnets, and lo and behold, within ten minutes of entering said festival, we spotted Peter Pan. Yes, that Peter Pan. I first saw him on VH1 on a program about Obsessed Fans, and I've seen his website before. Gillie & I have had lots of conversations about him, and then...there he was! We nearly died. Seriously.

So I went up to ask him if we could take a picture of him (thank heavens Gillie had her camera!), and he said, in a much put-upon voice and with a melodramatic half-roll of his eyes, "All-right." Gillie's daughter had no clue who he was, so Gillie sent her up as the sacrificial lamb. "But who is he?" asked the daughter. Gillie told her that he was Peter Pan, and was promptly corrected by the man himself, who insisted he was more of a "fairy, elfin thing," gesturing to his wings.

Afterward we giggled like loons.

More adventures, and pics of Peter Pan and boats and sponges. )


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