Feb. 19th, 2007 11:19 am
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New art for the Last Sanguimagus, by the incredibly talented [livejournal.com profile] sigune!

Please forgive the size discrepancy...it's my own fault, I'm in a hurry.

Damn, I love these.

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I have just finished editing the last entry on [livejournal.com profile] lastbloodwitch, the new home for the Last Sanguimagus, my SS/OFC work-in-progress. A great big thank you to all who read, all who review, and all who offered advice about structuring the archive.

I have also finished uploading the revised, updated version of tLS to every archive it is currently hosted at (save one, but only two people seem to be reading it there, so it's a bit lower on my list of priorities).

The Last Sanguimagus Chapter Index - Chapter One

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...but honestly, I've just thought of two things I could have done in my fest fic that would have been quite nice. I'm having fest fic regret! haha.

Have revised five more chapters of tLS. Unfortunately, I will be spending the next several hours in the nightmare of eBay. (Running to the PO, the grocery store, and then coming home to revise the shipping charges for every single item AGAIN, because it all worked out WRONG. argh! And then preparing for a listing tomorrow, and relisting store items that sold.) Hopefully I'll be able to revise more tonight. Honestly, it's going a lot quicker than expected for the actual revising. (The C&Ping, recoding, and reuploading are really what takes the most time.) I warn those of you who have the tLS sekrit comm friended: spamming will commence very soon.

To those of you who read fics on LJ...I have a question. In the tLS comm where I'm uploading everything, I will have no other fics hosted, so it is a simple matter of hitting the arrow keys to read the next entries. However, I know some people like to have links as well. I have two choices about how to embed links in each chapter.


Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 etc.


Previous Chapter Next Chapter

Obviously they both have pros and cons. Which do you like better?

If I go with the second choice, I'll also embed a link to chapter one in every entry as well, I think.
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The incredible [livejournal.com profile] ac1d6urn has finished a fantastic new piece of artwork for The Last Sanguimagus!

It's so awesome! She really is an incredible artist. It's funny, I imagined the scene in a completely different way, but when I looked at what she had drawn, I was immediately intrigued by how different it was and yet how well it worked! It's fabulous.

It's from chapter 48, from a dream Severus had of the ghosts leaving Hogwarts. He is relatively unfazed by the ghosts leaving, but then he finds that Sarah is walking out the door as well, and he is a little disconcerted by that. It's a changing point for him; he had been hoping to forget about her utterly after their "debt" is settled, but finds he cannot.

I absolutely adore the Bloody Baron in this. Ac1d has done an extraordinary job and transformed the scene into something fascinating and beautiful.

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A longtime reviewer ([livejournal.com profile] acerbicwit) has begun to reread tLS, and when I double checked Occlumency I noticed that the review count had jumped. She's begun reviewing every chapter with a line or two, mentioning things she remembered/forgot, and things that paralleled HBP.

It's really fascinating to get this viewpoint. I don't think I've had anyone (besides [livejournal.com profile] aubrem) reread it and write any sort of review. It's an interesting window into what works and what doesn't.

I think the most interesting bits are where she mentions the few things that I did that actually ended up happening in HBP. I mean, I was totally wrong about a lot of stuff, but there were a few things that turned out to be correct. (I had Dumbledore pick up Harry by himself, and Harry is proud of his friends on the train, for example.)

Thank you, Acerbicwit!! I love the reviews.

Also, I very nearly finished chapter 76, but alas, it was not meant to be. I am slowly and painfully finishing the last conversation and it's taking a bit of time, because it turned out to be more important than I thought. Otherwise, it's all set to go, more's the pity.
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A review for chapter 75 of tLS begins I have read all 79 chapters now. That made me pause, because I have only written 75.

I am, of course, having to restrain myself mightily from asking her what happens next.
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I have been a terrible, terrible, procrastinating fangirl.

[livejournal.com profile] snapesforte drew a beautiful, wonderful piece of art for the Last Sanguimagus, and I have kept it all to myself and fangirled over it and not shared it with all of you...until now.

I am so happy! It really is wonderful.

I think what I like the most about it is the relaxed way that Severus is standing next to Sarah. I love how they are so casual in this drawing. The way he's holding his wand...er...that sounds quite naughty, but really, this is extremely G...it just shows how he is becoming more accepting of her, and lowering his guard. I love this drawing so very much.

It's awesome, the way that her art is nearly always awesome, and I love it tremendously.

Must make an icon out of it as well. *squee*

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The Fic Will Still Isn't Named (but will be tonight!) is just about finished. A line or two at the end, a trip to [livejournal.com profile] mariannelee, and a nice coat of polish, and I'll heave an immense sigh of relief, honestly. It was a challenge, and I think the recipient will be happy, and that's what matters.

And here are the fruits of my experiment with Yahoo!Groups at midnight last night, when I should have been in bed sleeping.

Click here to join valis2_list
Click to join valis2_list

If you'd like to receive updates, or if you like my writing, feel free to join. I am certain that I'm going to do updates on it, but otherwise, I'm uncertain what else I'm going to do with it at this moment. And don't think you "have" to join because we're friended or anything like that. Er...I'm already mucking this up. Join if you want! (I've had to erase "and if you don't" about eight times because I just can't seem to get the right tone of witty casualness. I'm just going to leave it at this now.)

Have a great day, flist of joy!
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In tLS I originally went to some website and translated "the manor house" to "das Herrenhaus".

I am told that this is incorrect, that "das" should be "der", and that "das" actually meant "that".

Can anyone tell me which is correct? Thanks!
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...let me know (if you haven't already) if you received your soundtrack safely...

...and what you thought of it, if you have a moment.

I listened to it a few more times. The Muse song (Time Is Running Out) really seems to sum up the Sarah/Severus relationship for me and is more important than I expected. I should have put the Coheed & Cambria song last.

And some songs take on a greater significance post-HBP, while others seem to have lessened. Anyway, any thoughts would be welcomed.
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I've finally finished chapter 70. Huzzah! And now I feel quite invigorated, because chapter 71 & 72 are extremely important and will be monsters. I can't wait.

I've broken the 130,000 mark.

If any of you who did not put yourselves down for a tLS CD are curious about the songs on it, here is a listing...

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I am currently putting together a tLS "soundtrack", with Snapemusic and Sarahmusic and SnapeandSarahmusic. I was thinking there might be one or two of you who might want to hear it.

So, if anyone reading this is a fan of the Last Sanguimagus and wants to hear some music that makes me think of the characters, comment to this entry and I'll send you out a copy when it's finished. It probably won't happen for a week or two because I need a few more songs. You'll get the CD and a page describing the songs and why they're important.

I'm going to limit this to the first nine commenters (I already have a non-LJ fan to send one to)...not that I need to, I kind of doubt that there will be a flood of requests, but just in case.
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Still working on chapter 70. I can't remember the three things that were supposed to happen; I can only remember one of them, which drives me crazy. I will re-read the last few chapters to see if I can figure out what I was supposed to be writing.

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[livejournal.com profile] ac1d6urn has a funny entry about using MS Word's Auto-Summary tool.

I used it on tLS...

Dear Harry,
Dear Harry,
Harry followed. “Ron! “Harry! “Harry! Ron elbowed Harry. echoed Harry.
Harry shivered. Harry nodded. “Harry! HARRY!” yelled Hermione.
Harry turned red. Harry—”
Hermione turned to Harry. “Ron!” said Harry. “Goodbye, Severus.”
Harry flushed. Poor Severus. “Severus.” “Sarah...” “Sarah.”
Severus’s potion was working. Harry shrugged.
Hermione...” Severus winced. Severus froze. “Lucius?”
Severus nodded. Severus, the potion...”
Severus winced. Severus. Severus grimaced. “Severus? Severus dreamed.
“Sarah?” said Severus.
Severus froze. “Severus? “Severus?” slurred Lucius.
“Severus? Severus sneered. Severus.
Sarah. Harry nodded. Sarah. Severus.
Severus. Severus dreamed.
“Sarah? Trapped, thought Severus.
Severus fumed.
Severus, sacked?

Sarah never even gets to do anything. Too funny!

Love the last line, though.
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I've been thinking a lot about the post-HBP writing world. After reading HBP I was kind of in a zone for awhile, and to even think about tLS was nearly impossible.

I'm happy to say that I've finally come back to tLS in my head. I reread the last ten chapters, which helped get me back into the thought pattern of it. Last week I spent some time there at work, but more importantly, yesterday at work I really zoomed around a bit within the story in my head, and a couple of plot points showed up out of nowhere that were surprising and, more importantly, perfect. So I am absolutely giddy with delight to finally finish the chapter 69 (which has been half-done for some time) and, more importantly, begin chapter 70, which will turn out to be probably the longest and most important chapter so far. I'm so excited to write the new things in.

Will I incorporate HBP? Hm. I may slip a few things in, just little details. Also, I was thinking about revising the ending to bring it into line with HBP, but I have decided firmly against it. I'm just going to end it as originally planned.

So another twenty chapters, at the most, will see the conclusion of this tale. I think.

I have a show tomorrow-Friday-Saturday so there will be no writing...in fact, the last place I should be is on this computer...however, after that I have a lot of time free (especially because the surgery is Wednesday and I took the rest of the week off), so I am really planning on getting some things written.

*more tLS
*the eleven drabbles I promised two months ago
*a challenge piece for quirky
*more tLS
*this crazy one-shot that originated in a dream I had (seriously), which I think will work into [livejournal.com profile] arsenicjade's h/c fest

I want to write, my hands are itching to, but must craft first.
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I am jumping up and down in delight. The fabulous [livejournal.com profile] ac1d6urn has nearly completed a commission for me, a commission to bring Sarah Tanner and tLS Severus to life. And she has achieved it, and it looks better than I ever envisioned it. I've been dancing around on a cloud for days!

Even more unusual, it has really affected my thoughts about the story. Having a visual depiction of the character is so helpful I can't believe it. I'm more of a textual thinker than a visual, and often I lose track of details or I can't keep an image in my head very well. Having Sarah so thoroughly delineated is wonderful in ways I'd never even expected.

[livejournal.com profile] ac1d6urn is such a great artist, too! I always wanted fanart, but I could never ask someone to create it for me. I was so excited when she said she would take commissions that I nearly jumped out of my chair.

The image is underneath the cut, and is a bit large, so dialup beware. Er, it could be considered a mild spoiler (very mild) for anyone who is following the story, too, but it's so mild, I almost don't think a warning is necessary.

I think I'm going to use the icon everytime I babble about tLS, too. A great little organizational tool, eh?

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Happy me!

Jul. 5th, 2005 02:19 pm
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I am absolutely giddy with delight...I've been nominated for two awards at the Multifaceted website. (As a side note, I want to mention that, given the high quality of the other fics nominated, there is no possible way I can win, but it's so wonderful that someone took the time to put my name in. *whee!*)

Now I feel really stupid about my recent whiny whine.

Whoever nominated me---THANK YOU! *hugs*
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I have only one appointment today and it is only a half hour away, which makes me very happy. It's raining heavily, but still, it should be a relatively simple appointment.

I feel much better today. I've even finished two of the scenes in chapter 67, and I have already begun to write the third and final scene of the chapter. Finally!

It was the Dumbledore conversation that was killing me. I really dislike writing Ddore. It's very difficult, because there are so many things about him which make it so complicated. He is very smart, eccentric, has a touch of a childlike spirit, and has plots within plots. He knows more than he's telling, and all of that together has to be kept in mind as he's speaking. It's nearly impossible for me, because I don't know what he really knows. He conceals so much. Snape is so much more straight-forward in some ways, because he's bitter, etc. He's not nearly omniscient, or nearly omnipotent. Anyway, I'm so very glad that the scene is done, and I no longer have to worry about it. Yippee!

I cannot remember who it was who put a link on their LJ about Red Hen Publications, but it is definitely worth it to check it out. I've only read one essay so far, Double 00 Sevie, and only half of that, but it already has brought up a totally fascinating premise.

The author of this essay says that Severus is not one of the Three Names that Voldemort brings up in GoF (The Coward, the Oathbreaker, and the Faithful Servant). The author puts out the theory that the Coward and the Oathbreaker are Karkaroff and Ludo Bagman, and the Faithful Servant is Barty Crouch Jr. That really made me think quite a bit.

Anyway, I'll be on later tonight. See you then.
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Something a lot of people do: imagine pictures alongside music. I usually daydream at work or while driving, and sometimes I amass quite a few songs that I will string together to form a narrative of a particular plot/set of characters. I have a tape I made years ago of music that really seemed to me to be about Ardeth Bay from the Mummy. I also have a few CDs full of music that inspires different Superspy daydreams.

During my many hours spent driving in the last few weeks I've become aware of several songs or bits of lyrics that really express something Severus-like to me...thought I'd share a few. I'd love to hear which lyrics you've heard that seem to be connected to Snape in your head.

"Firefly", Breaking Benjamin (album: We Are Not Alone)
Bring me your enemies, lay them before me, and walk away...walk away..."

I love this line. I have, over the years, put together a few different Snapes in my head, and one of my favorite Snapes is the dark, brooding, possessive, full Death Eater Snape. I mean full as in loyal Death Eater, out there with the others, not back doing "potions research" in a bunker/lab. I can imagine him consumed with someone, fully and totally obsessed, and willing to do anything for them, willing to crush anyone who gets in their way.
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