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I'm always fascinated by fics written by teenagers that portray adults. Certainly there are many teen writers with a lot of skill who draw convincing portraits of adults. But then there's that wish fulfillment fantasy writing--a teen writing about herself as an adult, or what she imagines would be a "cool" life as an adult.

Ages ago, I read a story (HP story) by a teen whose protagonist drove an "old" car; worked as a bartender--but was so good at is she only had to work three days a month; kept only the money she needed to live on and donated the rest (retirement? huh?); wore clothing/makeup that wasn't so great, but anyone who looked at her knew she would be gorgeous if she spent a moment on it; could speak Russian fluently; had lots of dangerous enemies; had an apartment with some sort of homemade security system; and didn't bother with a man because she didn't need one. There are a lot of details I've forgotten by this point, but you get the picture.

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...the ultimate smackdown!

Yet again, flist, you have to listen to my rather ill-organized and highly subjective musings on the subject.

Disclaimer: I have read very little hg/ss. I haven't read a lot of ofc/ss. Honestly, this is just me wandering about and reading one fic and having some thoughts about it, and trying to use that fic to extrapolate further about hg/ss fics in general. It isn't scientifically based, and it's merely for my own amusement, and I'm aware that it's flawed reasoning.

I was wandering around (er, okay, looking for h/c), and [ profile] rexluscus rec'd a rather angsty rec list. I've read (and bookmarked for the List) many of the fics on it, but there were some that I've never seen, and of course I had to check them out.

The thing is, I've never really been into the hg/ss pairing. As most of you know, I'm really not into the kids at all. The few adult/kid pairing stories I've read usually take place long after the "kid" has left Hogwarts. I'm especially not interested in hg/ss because (and this is my personal opinion! Yes! Utterly subjective!) a) I do not really like Hermione much as a character, b) I get a bit queasy when the lines of student/teacher are crossed, such as they are when hg/ss takes place while hg is still attending Hogwarts, and c) I much prefer Snape having a relationship with an adult character, preferably someone who has lived a little...someone who will make a good partner for him, someone with experience.

So one of the fics on the Angsty List happens to be hg/ss... )
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I've already babbled at length about Mary Sues in this entry about writing fanfiction, so I won't rehash the basic definition of a MS, as y'all are quite thoroughly familiar with it, I'm certain.

What I've been thinking about a lot recently is Deeper Sueism. I don't mean the really obvious Sues, who run around killing orcs with their Bare Palm Crushing Strike attack, or practice their Unforgiveable Countercurses on the Quidditch pitch.

No, I mean the more Subtle Sues.

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I just couldn't help myself after this morning's dream.

This is something I wrote when I was fifteen, modified with a Second Person Omniscient POV.

And [ profile] privatemaladict will most likely recognize the character. *laughs*

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Bad poetry, an old Mary Sue character, and a crazy POV. You know you want to click.
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This morning I had a very intense set of dreams.

The last dream (I won't even go into the Flying Winnebago dream):

I was with most of the Fellowship. We were inside some sort of huge half-sphere (kind of like a biodome). Click to read more... )

Yep, that's it. Singing, supah battle skills...again, I'm a Sue. At least I don't have pretentious ponytails like last time.
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[ profile] privatemaladict's questions for me:

Lovely questions, with answers, and even a mini-rant about OCs... )

If you want to be interviewed, leave a comment and I'll ask you five questions.
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Just to let you all know...

Earlier today my Mary Sue joined the cast of House. At first she was a smart, competent nurse. Snapped at, she was unaffected. "I'm here to help heal people," she shrugs. Quick to learn, she easily outmanuevers snide comments.

Then she decided not to be a nurse. She was actually a computer tech, and her AS400 knowledge was so vast that it left her in the upper echelons of techdom. Completely self-confident, she was hired for a short-term project, but when the hospital saw what she could do, they hired her full-time. Wilson finds her writing in the cafeteria, and asks what she's doing. "Writing a screenplay," she says. "In longhand?" he asks in disbelief. "Do you think they'll let me use the system resources on my lunch hour?" she quips. She's so awesome that she goes right from "says" to "quips". I kid you not.

Then they try to set her up on a date with House for some ridiculous plot whim. She says, "Look. I'm a big girl. Dr. House doesn't like big girls. If he really wants to ask me out, then he'll have to do it himself. And he's not going to." And she's just so awesome that he does.

What? You don't like her? That's because she's my Mary Sue, not yours. And it's fanFICTION, anyway. I can daydream what I want.

Brough to you through the awesome power of Denial.

And...a new view of the lion.
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The only fragment I have that is not part of the original story...I bring to you...the Earthmother, in all her Mary Sue glory.

(I wrote this when I was 14 or 15.)

Prepare for Ludicrous Speed! )

The idea that a supreme being would need a couch to sit on in an elemental plane is quite amusing. The worst has to be her little Sue fit at the end. Ugh...this stings! Enjoy, [ profile] privatemaladict.
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This morning I dreamt I was a Mary Sue.

No, really. I was all decked out in an outlandish outfit featuring spandex, and my hair was alternately black and bright red, and pulled into two ponytails atop my head. I was standing with a large group of rebels. They were all dressed normally in shirts and jeans, but no one commented on my insane appearance.

The leader deferred to me constantly, and I even delivered a choice line of foreshadowing..."This looks too easy. I think it's a trap."

No one had guns or missile weapons of any type. We all were standing there waiting for the other group to attack. I had a length of lead pipe.

Eventually we were on an overpass, looking down at them on the street below, and we were still waiting for the attack. The leader again asked me many questions about what I thought they were going to do.

Then at some point we apparently left the overpass and rushed them, but I started screaming, Cassandra-like, when I realized suddenly that I just knew what was going to happen, and that it was entirely a trap. I was trying to figure out a way that I could (single-handedly) win the day when I woke up.

My now-awake mind realized what had happened, and started gibbering in terror. My dreaming self, a Mary Sue. I'm still recovering from it.
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I originally posted this on [ profile] privatemaladict's journal...thought it was interesting enough to post here too.

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One of the funnier threads I've found recently was this thread from [ profile] marysues: thread. In it you use a template to create a Mary Sue of yourself. Just for fun, I made my own...

NAME: Laurelleaf Evergolden Sa'thena Maaiye of the House of Veeritu'ul N'b'laeynth
FULL SPECIES: Half-elven, half-witch
HAIR COLOR: Honey-kissed light brown down to her waist
EYE COLOR: Pale green, like pieces of jade
UNUSUAL MARKINGS: Rune tattoo on her ankle, sidhe mark on her wrist
SPECIAL POSSESSIONS: Vorpal Sword of Continued Shininess, Wand with thestral hoof core
ANNOYING ORIGIN: Left on Hogwarts doorstep due to shame of parents; however, Voldemort took her for his own daughter before Dumbledore could, raising her to be his successor and the premier Dark Witch of her age
ANNOYING CONNECTIONS TO CANON CHARACTERS: Legolas is her father and Lily Potter is her mother
ANNOYING SPECIAL ABILITIES: Can read people's minds, can control the weather, knows jujitsu, can speak eighty languages, inherited a ring from her father that alerts her to the presence of trolls, can get really, really angry for no apparent reason, all Death Eaters fear her, she's Aragorn's soulmate, she's Snape's soulmate, she's Sirius Black's soulmate, she can de-seed a watermelon with a single glance, can fly, can understand the secret language of animals, knows the Vulcan neck pinch, has attended Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, and Hogwarts, studied privately with the most advanced Dark Witches and Wizards of her time, wears a Silmarel, occasionally borrows the Ring of Power from Frodo, can re-ink a disposable ballpoint pen, writes poetry of such astonishing beauty and clarity that men swoon, sings in a rock and roll band called Leviathan, can cause junk mail to burst into flame, and, of course, is an unregistered Animagus...who turns into a unicorn.
OTHER ANNOYING TRAITS: Those weren't enough for you? Fine. She lives in a magical tree house that she transplanted from Lothlorien that no one but her can see. At this point I'm actually annoying myself.

I know it is a bizarre waste of time, but I am still sick. So yeah. e!
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Ah, ciabatta bread. And French goat's milk butter. Heavenly.

Where was I?

Ah yes...the lovely polarized muse...on one side, writing ANYTHING is better than writing nothing...on the other side, shouldn't you be writing something that can get you somewhere, instead of writing what amounts to someone else's property?

After all, fanfiction is truly the property of the creator behind the original source.

So we have the lovely duality of writing for fun, or writing for (hopefully) profit. I've seen some "rebels" who seem to imply that fanfic is the far nobler course. I am not sure that I see it that way. It really just seems to be a great way to exercise the writing muscles.

I mean, creating a whole world from scratch takes time, sure. But using someone else's world believably is just as much of a difficulty in some ways. After all, every time you write you have to continually think, would they really say this? think this? do this? It can be spectacularly distracting. I think it does take skill. Plus, one of the biggest inherent dangers in the fanfic world is a badly written self-insertion fic, which seems to happen quite a bit. So you have to constantly monitor yourself. Is this believable? Is this too Mary Sue-ish? It can get crazy. Really.

Mary Sues are interesting, though, in one way. Sociologically. After all, they are the author, but better. And it's always revealing to see how segments of society view themselves, and what they wish for.

Mary Sue patterns I've noticed generally:

1) Dangerous Mary Sue. The overlooked, the meek, the generally restrained author creates a Mary Sue You Don't Want To Mess With. She has some really amazing power, is half-demon or full demon, red eyes, glowing fangs, etc. Another character does something really obviously obnoxious, and DMS goes into full power mode, punishing and yelling like they would really like to do in real life.

2) Perfect Mary Sue. She's beautiful, can sing, play an instrument, has all powers or several really strong ones at least. No one ever gets the better of PMS. (Hee hee.) Most important...have to repeat it...she has no flaws. She has no flaws. No, really. She does everything right. We all would love that.

3) Ultra cool Mary Sue. She's the one who is a bartender in Europe, the most sought after bartender in Europe, but works only a few days a month, but makes enough from those three days to support herself, yet gives enormous tips to...gas station attendants. And bad guys accost her out of nowhere, but she is so tremendously ultracool that she deals out death in a matter of moments, yet not soon enough to save the gas station attendant. So now she's cool *and* has Righteous Anger. Right on, UCMS!! She seems to be a young adult kind of author self-insertion...can take care of herself, has mad skillz, isn't chained to a desk job, and yet gives to charity.

4) Bad girl Mary Sue. Very near DMS, but plays out more like a soap opera than a bad anime film.

These are just my interpretations...there are better ones out there.

Got off topic there a little. I guess what I'm trying to say is that even though a lot of fanfic is...not good, to say the least, it still has redeeming qualities, and I wish that I didn't feel so odd writing it.


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