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  • [Bonnie] had to agree with that part, but explained, "I've been working on some modifications - I can double [KITT's] penetration!"

    She's talking about a laser here, but I just can't stop giggling.

  • Dear Diary,

    Michael Knight is so hot, today he was wearing that black leather jacket. I think it needs a wash but he still looks hot. Well I think I'm going to tell Michael how I feel, but how. I know what I'll write him a letter.

    The letter:

    Dear Sugar lips,

    I have wanted to tell you this a long time, I want you, I need you, I have to have you. I watch you every time your in the same room as me, and my heart starts racing, if only I could tell you how I feel, but I know you feel the same way.

    Yours forever.

    Signed Hot for You

    Not making this up. Oh, and somehow the letter gets to Devon by accident. ha!

  • Michael returned to KITT downtrodden but not quite defeated. "KITT activate your sensor array and search for that tramp's lifesigns"

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  • [KARR] finished the course and stopped in front of the grandstand where [his] spectators were watching. Most of them had their jaws glued to the ground.

    Sounds painful.

  • “I think its time that I moved on,” Michael said, trying his best to sound cheerful, although he failed miserably.

    “You mean depart? Leave the Foundation?” KITT asked alarmed. “But Michael, we’re partners…”

    “I know, KITT, but we just don’t have it like we used too. When was the last time we had a reason to turbo boost, or to use super pursuit mode?”

  • " So Michael, what are we up to besides driving around in this classy black 1982 Trans Am of yours?" Andrew asked in a joking yet sarcastic manner.

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  • Michael looked in the mirror and studied the face that stared back at him. Haggard and drawn, covered by a weeks worth of stubble

    Might want to look into electrolysis. Just sayin'.

  • [Michael:] “That, Kitt, is why you are an A.I. housed inside a Trans AM and not the head of tourisms. Give me an ETA on Gorham’s.”
    [KITT:] “Seven point twenty two minuets. I’m still at a loss as to why you are visiting them in the first place.”

  • Apparently, not only was [KITT or KARR, I can't tell and I don't care] now a hologram of a human being, but he was a solid hologram; not one of those run-of-the-mill light projections only.

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  • No sooner had [Michael] just begun to glimpse the wonderful sight of O'Ryan's Belt, than Kitt's voice cut the silence once more.

    Another constellation that is near O'Ryan is Leo, the lyin'.

  • Between the middle and index finger of the attacker’s hand Michael made out the raised letters T3E [on the attacker's knife]...“It stands for The Three Elements: Earth, wind and Fire.” Kitt explained.

    Who knew that Earth, Wind, and Fire was a secret criminal organization? I thought they were just rocking us the funk out, but it turns out that they're a pretty nasty set of villains.

  • San Francisco, with its two famous bridges and it’s towering buildings rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 1906.

    *blinks* But...they used it correctly once! How can they screw it up just four words later? Or did they want to cover both bases?

  • Then Michael felt something icy cold on his cheek and realized that whatever it was, was touching him.

  • Accidental deaths are killing horses at an alarming rate. Coincidence? Michael, Kitt and the woman they love search for the answers before it's too late for them all.

    But they're not horses--oh. I get it.

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  • Nicholas' grin was nasty. "There are some things money can't buy. One is a good threat.

    I'm fairly certain that a good threat can be purchased. Sorry to burst your bubble, Nicholas.

  • Nick glanced at his laptop - a PowerBook - sitting on the table beside him.

    Product placement--in fanfic?

  • “A P.I.?” Michael sank deeper into his chair. “What next?”

    “Michael, may I remind you that you drive around in a talking car?”

    Michael had no come back for that one.

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  • [KITT]: "There are however, four species of Scorpions that are deadly poisonous. And they are all found in the Middle Eastern countries. There is not one indigestions to the United States."

  • "You take it easy for at least twenty for hours." the doctor warned. "You lost a lot of blood."

    [Michael:] "Thanks."

    "Now drop those tight britches." He ordered.

  • There's apparently a Knight Rider gathering, and they're hoping that people who have made replicas will come because they're giving them a discount. I'm interested in how many people own KITT replicas, to tell you the truth.

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  • Bonnie looked up from her book at a polite knock on her door. She frowned and lowered her literature. “Yes? Who is it?”
    “Can I come in?”
    Bonnie frowned harder, curious. No rapist or murderer would ask to come in.
    “I suppose so. The door is unlocked,” she thought about how familiar the voice sounded.

    You cannot argue with the flawless logic of this scene.

  • "You keep track of how many times I cook at home?" [said Michael]
    "I am a computer Michael." K.I.T.T. said simply.

    I'm not going to think of anything else KITT keeps track of. Absolutely not.

  • Remember what I told you, it's not the bullet that causes the infection, it's the derbies that's shoved in with the bullet.
    Now that would hurt.

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  • [KITT and KARR had] driven around for a few hours, two sleek black cars playing tag as they raced down the highway, dodging in and out of lanes, narrowly missing the other vehicles on the road. They'd swooped down side roads where traffic was minimal, the AIs taking the opportunity to accelerate their speeds as they jostled for position. Kitt had even, during one long clear stretch when Karr had held the lead, launched himself into the air to soar over his brother's dark form. Yes, they're playing leapfrog. LOL.

  • Nick leaned back against the warm surface of the Stealth, his legs comfortably sprawled out before him on the hood. His hands were linked, resting heavily against his toned stomach, every muscle relaxed and loose. Yes, whenever I lean on my car, I go for the hood first and just lie down spread-eagle on it. The bumper is so passé.

  • The Legion of Doom, an unholy alliance between TKR’s four most lethal enemies was defeated, but at great cost. First line of the fic. I tried to read further, but it was too much for my pitiful non-car brain. What? You don't believe me? Try this: All five TKR vehicles, Dante, Attack Beast, Plato, KAT, and Domino were heavily damaged, and it might take days to repair them. In the process Mobius, the team’s most dangerous adversary, and creator of the Legion of Doom, had succeeded in his master plan. He had broken into Skyone, TKR’s mobile HQ and stolen KITT, the heroic artificial intelligence from the glory days of FLAG. There. Told you so.

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  • [From a fanpage:] Latest News on the Knight Rider movie is that filming will begin the summer of 2006 and will be released in December 2006. Hey, David, if you need a writer to help with the movie script I'm available! Who better to help with the script then someone who's building their very own KITT!

  • " She lives ," the dark, mephistophelian voice of KARR informed him. Oooh! That naughty KARR!

  • [Author's note: Just a brief fanfic I made on my own... Enjoy! So no other fanfic authors were harmed in the making of this story?

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  • The high overhead fluorescents cackled to life and Michael blinked in surprise. In front of him sat his beloved partner of 5 years, looking pristine and beautiful, except that he was purple. OH NOES TEH JOKER HAS TAKEN CONTROL OF KITT! Or could it be Prince?

  • [Michael] thought Devon looked out of place standing in the middle of the woods wearing a suit and wingtips. Yes, while your black leather jacket and jeans blend in so well. All the wee forest animals are wearing black leather jackets this season.

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  • Michael Knight and KITT must join forces with Thomas Cole and team VIPER, to defeat the greatest foes of the Knight Rider universe. Uh...who, exactly, are their "greatest foes"? Scrapyard Man? Clogged Air Intake Boy? Rusto?

  • [Michael:] "It was terrifying. He turned all your power, your strength, everything you are against me. Clinging on to the car for dear life, having it throw me into that snack stand, pretending to be dead in case it came back to finish the job…." NOES! Not a SNACK STAND! *gnashes teeth*

  • hahaha! KITT sulks because Michael takes off the wristwatch/commlink that allows them to communicate and lets some girl wear it.

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Many thanks to [ profile] ellid for sending me to a new archive, where I found all sorts of amusement.

  • Kitt is found, having been ripped out of the shell of the car, and given a new body, one based on that of a human. Oh wow, I hadn't even thought of this--of course there would be KITT Ghost in the Shell diving into a human body stuff. All the better for the bawm chikka bawm bawm.

  • Holy cow. [ profile] subrosax was right. I've just found that there is Michael/KITT (IN CAR FORM) slash. *blinks* Dropping his hand to the warm hood, [Michael] stroked the smooth black shell with his fingertips. Wow. This is a form of slash for which I have no words.

  • As wonderful as David Hasselhoff is, as much as I love him, and although he sparked the relationship between Michael Knight and Kitt in a way that brought the series to life; I still believe that in some ways, the Michael Knight he portrayed was a caricature of a person. NOES!! BLASPHEMER

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The A*Team fanfic summaries were more popular than I expected, so I've decided to branch out into Knight Rider fanfiction.

(On a side note, why is it that there are thirteen PAGES of fics for KR on, but only three FICS total for Riptide on I do not understand this--they both ran for three seasons and had decent ratings. This just mystifies me, that the general public remembers KR, but not Riptide.)

  • Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if Garth Knight had a daughter? No, can't say that I have. Hidden in the Knight is a story about Garth Knight's daughter and her struggle to find out who she really is. The title makes me think of MPreg, honestly.

  • Knight of the KAMO is the only true fan fiction that jup has written and it can only be found here. Uh...are there lots of jup imitators? And there's a link provided that shows, I am not making this up, the raw data results of the fight scene between RCIII and Roy. I designed a program that creates a combat scene between two people and used it to write this fight scene with. *blinks* KITT FANFIC FIGHTS = SRS BZNS, Y'ALL.

  • Shatner/Hasselhoff '08! Very funny political parody site.

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