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Finally I come to the last entry.

This con was different than Lumos in several ways. First, we were right in the French Quarter, so there were many things to do and see, most within a short walk of the hotel (at Lumos, it required an expensive cab ride). Also, it probably had about half the attendance.

On the tourism side, it was amazing. I had many great meals, saw a couple fantastic cemeteries, and drank daiquiris, and ate chocolate and beignets. I saw some beautiful buildings and took several photos; a few of them turned out very well, I'll put them up when I return from WI.

But on the fandom side? Well. The hotel did not really have a good place to hang out. Their Starbucks closed at 5 pm. I mean, some of the best conversations I had were at 2 am at the Lumos Starbucks, so I was sad that we didn't have a place to go. Also, there was little or no furniture in the hallways of the fifth floor where most of the panels met...people ended up sitting on the floor. Again, at Lumos it was a little easier to have a conversation with people in the seating arrangements.

But I think what really happened is that people took advantage of the wonder that is the French Quarter and went out and partied and ate and went on tours. I think with the books so close to ending, most people just wanted to have a good time. I have a feeling that at Prophecy we'll all be running around saying, "CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED?!" I look forward to that.

Hope to see you all at Prophecy!
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Big day. Deep breath now...

Oh, and check out [ profile] marginaliana's hilarious My Crux song parody (My Humps). Hilarious!!

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So here I go again, with my exhaustive summaries.

First, though, I'd like to send a shout-out to my peep: [ profile] julian_black, awesome roomie extraordinaire. I already knew she rocked, of course, but still, this proved it even more. She had to deal with a host of valis-related issues, including (but not limited to) my obsession with beignets, chai, chocolate, taking pictures, taking pictures of of cemeteries, and my general lack of Bean. She also had to endure my crow imitations, complaints about uneven sidewalks, repeated trips to Café du Monde (okay, maybe she didn't mind that particular issue much), my never-ending stream of rhetorical questions, and my continual scheduling of every single possible event involved in the trip. My hat is off to you. Not that I even own a hat, but still.

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Ten pics below the cut.

When fans get together, hilarity is sure to follow...

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Nine images below the cut.

There were two scrolls set up so that you could write down your theories and memories of the HP books. Here are a few that I found amusing...

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Just trying to write this down so I don't confuse myself later.

Wednesday, 7 pm Rendezvous: Bourbon Street Rendezvous, which begins in the Sheraton Lobby. Meet up for drinks and partying on Bourbon St. We will have a scavenger hunt. Must be of age to get into the establishments on Bourbon Street. Bring your digital cameras to add to the fun. Please RSVP by April 15th to sign up. Still deciding about this one, but I think it could be fun.

Thursday, 1-5:30 pm The Quidditch Pitch Rendezvous at the Pelican Bar - Sheraton Hotel. Meet the faces behind the pen names. Let's get to know each other. Fun and chat about Harry Potter in the lounge.

Thursday, 7 pm Welcoming feast

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