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Speaking of yums, [ profile] florahart was awesomesauce extreme and wrote some Hawaii 5-0 ficlets for people who asked, including a scorcher based on the word prompt "dark" for me. They're awesome, she's an awesome writer, I urge you to check them out if you like that fandom (and slash, of course).

This morning I dreamt that [ profile] marginaliana and I were attending my high school. But as we are now. And we were both kind of underwhelmed. We were sitting in class, which was held in the gym, and we were wearing the school uniforms, and M was getting bored and started talking over the teacher. So another teacher came and warned us to be quiet, and then M kept talking, and the other teacher came back and said that we both were getting detention. And we kind of eyerolled. And then she said that detentions were a dollar now, and she seemed very smug about it. So I pulled out a twenty, and said, oh, so this is how you're "fundraising" now, and suddenly she said it was $13.60 because there were other charges or something.

So M, you owe me $6.80 in dream cash.

Other than that, I am feeling a little better today. Yesterday morning I had blood drawn in the morning, which always makes me feel yucky, and then I spent the rest of the day crawling around in my low self-esteem ooze. Thankfully, in most cases the greater share of this ooze seems to fade after a night's sleep or two. I'm interested to find out what the results of the bloodwork are. I wonder how far my PCOS has progressed.

In good news, I posted a pic of a craft in progress on my FB fanpage, and 13 people liked it, which is a record for me. And I really need to finish it, lol. Also, someone went through my Etsy supplies shop and hearted about 40 items, which is unusual. I also had an eBay buyer purchase 15 items today and send me an eBay message for every. single. one. ugh.

I have run out of 8th Continent soymilk, so it's back to Silk. wah.

Okay, enough random weirdness. Back to eBay stuff, maybe finishing the crafty thing, and, if there are a few minutes, looking for H5-0 fic. In fact, I might just have to start watching the comms. I did snip a bunch of HP stuff recently, so it might be nice to add something new. Hmm. (Oh, and I also snipped some journals, but they were people who never friended me, so they probably aren't even aware that I have defriended them, and if they are, I can't imagine that they are bereft over it.)

Oh, which reminds me: If you ever want to defriend me because we are not communicating or you don't like my stance on Sharpie pens (I 100% like them and feel they are made entirely of win and strong ink) or you feel that you are lioned out, please do so, no worries, no hard feelings, seriously.
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The Paypal woman has kindly canceled the dispute and also won't open the second invoice. THANK GOODNESS. Because I really could not afford that right now. When I'm gone for a month, I don't get paid until the day before I leave to come home, and so I have to have my finances arranged just so and adding even a pin to one side can cause the whole thing to collapse. This time I had more of a cushion, but not enough for such a huge expense.

In other news, I had another dream about [ profile] gmonkey42. Strange. I was watching TV with my dad, and I realized that we were watching the new PotC movie. GMonkey was in it, and she was dressed like a really fancy ninja pirate wench in maroon and black leather, and her hair was done in a very short Aeon Flux hairstyle, and she had a large barcode/Japanese calligraphy tattoo on her neck. There was some sort of smoker in front of her full of flames, and she looked like she was thinking about revenge. My dad kept trying to change the channel, and I got really aggravated. "But that's my friend!" I kept insisting. "I want to watch!"

I think I've figured out where they strange vivid dreams are coming from. Yeah, that time of the month started today. I will definitely be going to bed early. Probably by 9.
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This time I was in college. My roommates were [ profile] gmonkey42 and Joseph Fiennes. GMonkey disliked Fiennes because he was a player and a bit of an ass. GMonkey and I shared a room and he had a room at the other end of the apartment. Anyway, one day I was sitting on the couch and I was falling asleep while studying, and he came in and I basically kind of fell asleep on him, and he was really sweet and kind about it, and the whole time I was thinking that I shouldn't fall for this because he was a player. Then GMonkey came in and saw us, and I could tell she was not happy, because she just kind of gave me this unhappy look and then went to our room. And then he did this weird thing )and I thought, y'know what? GMonkey is right. He is really weird. And I went back to our room and we were talking about him, and then he came into the room and was trying to get us to go out with him to a karaoke place. GMonkey said she was a horrible singer (wtf? She isn't, dude) but said that she'd dance, at the least. I promised to sing, and I thought, well, maybe I should give him a chance if he really is trying to date me.

Not sure how interesting this is, honestly, but it was so vivid and weird.
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I dreamt I was somehow in the Mad Men universe. Let me begin this by saying I've never even seen the show.

I was back in time, somehow living in the same house, and I was married to a guy who wasn't Husband. I worked at a company that was some sort of ad agency, with lots of older guys who were running the show. I came to work and just kept thinking things like, "I'm just not going to get anywhere in this company" because of the time period. I was kind of depressed because i was worried about living during the time. I tried to cheer myself up by thinking about how the ozone layer wasn't ruined yet.

It went on and on and on. There was a trip to a cottage near a lake, and there was a guy who was flirting with me at the office, and there was a strange experience where I was scared at the house because I thought someone was after me when I woke up in bed. I also followed some of the office politics, like that the company was merged with another and they were trying desperately to keep things moving forward, and the new company was pretty much just taking over.

I think that the lingering feeling from this dream is of being sad because of constraints, and also about being depressed about not being able to meet my full potential and having to live in a society I didn't want to live in. I'm certainly glad that it was a dream.
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I forgot that when I'm on antibiotics I have crazy dreams. This morning I had a very long and drawn-out dream where I was driving on the freeway, and a huge rainstorm was coming. It was near a harbor and the boats were rocking like crazy. I tried to pull under a freeway overpass but I couldn't get lined up properly; the rain kept pelting my car and I kept pulling forward and backward, trying to avoid it. Then the cops brought up this huge fake-woodgrain TV (the size of a house) so I could see the weather report.

Then I drove into town. There was a store there, and there was this guy who was a real jerk, and all of the townspeople hated him. So somehow I ended up in a duel with the jerk. The weapons? Plastic snowshovels. It was rather frenetic. I was winning, too, and then I woke up.
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So I'm feeling a little better. I went to work yesterday, and I'm going in today, despite the fact that today is my day off. The thing is, I have a project due January 1st, and the more days I take off, the more I have to work before January 1st, and my parents are coming down and I want to spend time with them and not be hanging out at work. So I'm going in the extra day to make up for at least one of the days I took off this week.

The throat issue is getting slightly worse, but I feel better overall, and the swelling of my eyelids has lessened dramatically. I feel almost human.

This morning I dreamt I held a home party at my house (well, really, it was my parents' old house) and was selling my crafted items. [ profile] florahart showed up with her crew, and we were talking a little, and then I told her crew that I had known her for years at this point, and reminisced a little. Flora made a little pile of crafted stuff she wanted to buy, including something with a mermaid on it. I checked the pile and was astonished that she'd picked out two items that were $1000 apiece. (In RL they would be $100 each, lol.)

I got kind of excited but I also was confused about why she wanted to buy stuff that expensive. I went looking for her, only she'd vanished, along with her crew, and Husband. I wondered if Husband was giving her a tour of the harbor, and then my mom was there, and I had to help her with 40 lb bags of potting soil.


Aug. 30th, 2010 08:20 pm
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I dreamt that I was in downtown Boston and stopped by to see [ profile] alabastard. It turned out he owned half of a two hundred year old building, and when I got inside, I was pretty astonished at the opulence and the fine furnishings. The main floor had a high ceiling, but the upper floor had a twenty foot high ceiling with skylights made from stained glass, which meant everything in the room had unusual coloring because of the sun filtering through. There were lots of plants hanging from these elaborate wrought metal plant hangers that were hanging from the ceiling from these gorgeous handmade chains. There were several people sitting around and chatting, and I came into the room and sat down next to [ profile] alabastardragon, who was quietly writing something in some sort of handmade journal with really beautiful paper. Alabastard was there and he showed me the rest of the room, and it turned out that right in the middle of it there was an invisible line and if you crossed it, you were in the next door neighbor's house. And sure enough, there were a few people on the couch there on the "other side," and they glared daggers at me.

We went out on the balcony, which was carved out of stone, as was the whole front of his building, and suddenly it was night and he was explaining the historical significance of the neighborhood and why he prefers to live there. It really was a gorgeous building, with high arches and lots of stonework, and a Middle Eastern look.

Brain, what is going on? Are you sad about not going to cons? I think that's it. I want to hang around HP people again, lol.

lol, brain

Aug. 7th, 2010 10:54 am
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During the middle of the night, I dreamt that I was a guy who worked for a company that manufactured stickers. It was a very long dream that covered many years, and I basically was not very nice in my climb upwards within the corporation, to the point where when I was older and had some sort of medical problem, none of them had any sort of sympathy for me, and I got my comeuppance in a weird way.

Anyway, that's not the point. The point is, when I woke up, I lay there in bed and thought, omg, this is the best story ever. I started imagining how I'd put it together, and I'd put in all of the crazy coworkers I've known over the years, and how I've had experience in a company that was once growing exponentially and was later dwindling, and I was so excited that I even began picking out a name and thinking about the cover. I even thought about how I'd need to research LA and California to write it, but I still felt like it was quite doable because it was corporation based and most of the action would take in the office. I even thought I could start writing it today, I was so excited. I had that New Story Buzz.

Then I fell back asleep.

This morning, of course, I started giggling, because there's not even a plot and I doubt that I could cobble together anything entertaining out of the premise. Seriously.

While half-asleep, though, it seemed like it was a masterpiece. Crazy brain, how I love you.
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Are you always yourself in your dreams?

As a teenager, I was almost never myself. I've been the matriarchal leader of a group of humans being wiped out by machines. I've been Prince Michael, determined to save his people from the black oozing menace that threatens his lands. I've been Death, collecting the souls of sorority cheerleader bunnies. I've been a knight in full armor, riding a horse, who lost his only true love. I've been a superspy agent. I've been a poor Russian peasant running with her husband from the police, who climbed a tower and then threw herself off and died. I've been in Hell, and Purgatory. I've been a mermaid in a swimming pool.

As an adult, I am usually myself, and I'm someone else about 15% of the time, I think. Going through my dream entries, it seems like that ratio more or less holds true, though in one I'm an Asian water dragon, and I think I was Snape in another. And sometimes I'm not quite myself, but a version of myself.

What about you guys? Are you ever a different person in your dreams? Are you ever a different gender? Species? I'm curious.


Apr. 26th, 2010 12:59 pm
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The show was...not good. Really not good. I was a little frustrated, but then it turns out that all of the vendors I spoke to were extremely frustrated with the lack of sales, so I don't feel so bad now.

I had a few really crazy dreams last night. I dreamt that [ profile] bleed_the_day and I were walking down a street, and the TAPS van stopped nearby and Grant got out and I said, "Hey, there's Grant! Holy cow!" and she just didn't seem impressed. In the dream I was so surprised that I just kind of stood there and blinked.

In another dream I found myself at a backlot of a TV studio, reconnecting with the three stars of Riptide. In the dream I had actually been on the show, and this was a year after it wrapped, and we were just getting together for old times' sake. Perry King found this--thing which looked like a toner replacement cartridge and claimed it was old footage of Joe Penny when he was on this show as an eight year old gangster's son. We watched the footage, and there was Joe, hiding behind a car that looked like it was from the forties, wearing old skool jeans and a white t-shirt. Joe got completely obsessed with it and we started rummaging around a back room trying to find more footage. Eventually Thom & Perry wandered off.

There was another one that was even stranger, but it's escaping me at the moment.

Anyway, I'm off to the optometrist's office again to get the third (and let's hope, final) lens.
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I had a dream this morning that I was in the neighborhood I grew up in, and I went to a particular house. In reality, this house was owned by an older couple, let's call them the Smiths, and it was a huge house on a huge lot and it was the highlight of the houses of the neighborhood and made quite an impression on me as a kid. Just to give you a little dream background, a couple months ago I dreamt that I visited this same house because it was for sale, and I wandered around in it and was stunned by how cool it was inside, and then I found out it was already sold and I couldn't buy it. (In reality it was not that cool inside.)

Anyway, in this dream, I stopped by and met the new owner, who was this woman who was really cool. Pretty, blond, and dressed in a very hipster outfit. She'd kept the house all tricked out as it had been in the prior dream. The room we were in, for example, was the Lagoon Room, and had two gas fireplaces at either end that were inside mock treasure chests, and there was a blue chair with seashells all over it, and nets and glowing trinkets hanging from the ceiling and...yeah, it rocked. And I was so impressed that she'd understood how awesome everything was and she'd kept it the same.

I was so excited. I wanted to be friends with her because she was so obviously cool, and I noticed that she had a crafted item in her hand that was a bit messed up, and I volunteered to fix it for her, and she was a bit reluctant to agree. She gave me some cash and her business card and then seemed to sigh because I was still there. I started to tell her how I used to be a papergirl on this street and I always loved the house, and that interested her for a second, but still, she wasn't really totally interested.

For once, a dream that's easy for me to interpret. )
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Last night I went to bed early and (surprisingly) fell asleep right away for just a second. I had a little slice of a weird dream and woke up almost immediately.

I don't really remember the dream much. I just remember waking up and thinking, wow, I've never killed someone with a zombie sock puppet before.
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I dreamt I was watching a Laurel and Hardy movie. In the dream, I was thinking, oh yes, this is part of their famous "Watch the Road" series.

Sure enough, the theme music came on and white credits announced "Watch the Road." A British voice sang:

All you really need to do is watch the road
Watch the road
Watch the road

You just really need to watch the road
Watch the road
Watch the road

So the premise is this. There's black paper on the ground with white lines marked on it, and Laurel and Hardy are pretending to be in a car together, but they're actually just walking side-by-side in their "lane." Hardy is pontificating about road safety to Laurel, and explaining rules of the road, with predictable Laurel and Hardy results.

An example. Hardy tells him he needs to signal if he's turning left, and does a hand signal with his left arm, and of course the "driver" who is passing him on the left gets beaned in the head with Hardy's hand.

I don't understand, brain. I've watched maybe twenty minutes of Laurel and Hardy in my entire lifetime, and haven't thought of them in at least a year. Seriously. And I doubt that this was really a skit of theirs. WTF?

And the theme music WILL NOT leave my brain. I really wish I could get the phone post function to work, because I'd sing it for you.

(As an aside, can I mention that the "highway" they were performing on was definitely an Eisenhower-style highway, and after I woke up I was disappointed? I mean, the theme music and the credits were very true to the time period.)
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This morning's dream.

I received my copy of Fanfiction Monthly and began paging through it. My favorite feature was the long-running column Love It or Hate It, where a single reviewer gave her opinion each month on a piece of fanfiction.

The headline was: I Hated the Last Sanguimagus by Valis2. I started reading, and it talked about the story, and how much she hated it, how awful the writing was, and how it was a waste of time. It was a two page spread--a huge review.

The last quarter of the review was spent mentioning the things she liked, and in my case, she wrote glowingly about the two troll characters, Hrethgar and Hvedar, and how amazing they were, what fabulous creations they were as characters.

In the dream, I turned to Husband and said, "But they're only in the fic for three sentences, and all they do is grunt at each other! And she wrote three paragraphs about that! And she didn't even mention the main character's name, or anything about her!"

In reality, I told the dream to Husband and he said, "I don't remember any troll characters in the story." That's because there are none. Brain, WTF?
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So this morning I dreamt that I was battling Germans in the Arctic. They had a secret installation there and I was taking photos and gathering info, as well as smiting foes.

Once my mission was complete, I turned into a four-footed animal and raced across the Arctic ice until I got to the ocean, where I turned into an Asian water dragon. I dove extremely deep in order to avoid the German submarines.

While I was cruising over the floor of the ocean, I eventually came to a place where thousands upon thousands of huge paramecia were floating everywhere. Each paramecium was half full of glowing, boiling, bubbling lava. It was a pretty incredible sight, though it was a bit hard to navigate in between them.
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I am beginning to feel a little better. Just a little. Still winded and a bit congested and my throat's still sore.

One of the good things about being self-employed? I can take off an entire week. Bad things? I have a show tomorrow that I cannot take a "sick day" for, lol. I hope I don't keel over after it's done.

So far, I can only remember one crazy antibiotics dream. I made a deal with some sort of powerful entity to become a cat in someone's house. I thought that the entity was...neutral. Anyway, I became a black cat with green eyes. I was told by the entity that eventually I would have to pass a test, and after that, it would be permanent. So after a few days, this other cat suddenly came running up some stairs, and I was astonished, because it was me, er, me-the-cat, an exact duplicate. The cat was crouched low to the ground, looking around, hyperalert. And then I knew what the test was, and I was upset, because the entity obviously wasn't neutral, it was evil. Um. Dream logic, remember. Anyway, the test was that I had to kill the other cat. If I did, it would be permanent. If I didn't, the other cat would stay in the house and my cat contract would be lost. So I lunged, using the element of surprise, and bit the cat right solid on the back of its neck. It was incredibly intense. I could feel the fur, I could feel my canines sinking in, I could feel the spinal cord. But then I woke up. So I have no idea if I'm actually a cat in someone's house, or if I lost and that other cat's in someone's house, and I'm just me, typing a LJ entry. Probably the latter. Damned entities.
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This morning I dreamt I was Hutch and I was with Starsky and we were in a post-apocalyptic world. We found this huge transparent glass dome in the middle of the desert, and we went in, and it was filled with a breathtaking variety of plant life, and thousands upon thousands of bees. I was walking barefoot through it, and stepped in some pollen, and the pollen got stuck to my foot, and it was warm and pulsating.
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You all remember what happened last time. The crazy dreams. They started with my flist as a super-sekrit awesome order of Pie Plate Ninjas, then segued into me being a centaur and dating Dan Radcliffe, stopped for a brief moment at glistening giant snails and an amazing HP totally cool witch adventure where I ended up dating Russell Crowe, then wandered over into community ed classes with Lucius Malfoy and [ profile] tjwritter, oh, and who could forget that absolutely nightmarish crazy Snape & Hermione fic I wrote?

Oh, wait, looks like I had the pie plate ninja dream on my own. Still, it's right up there with the other crack!dreams. I'm almost afraid to go to bed now.


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