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Okay, now these are my favorites. This cemetery was fantastic. It was the Old Town Cemetery, which was in Sandwich (which claims it is the oldest town in New England), and it was on a hillside next to a river, and had lots of trees and atmosphere and was just gorgeous. It had some of the coolest stones. I had to turn up the contrast on some of the photos so you can see the text.

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Again, these are not my favorite pics. Taken at Orleans Cemetery.

We went on a tour of the cemetery, but it turned out to be a gossip session, and I'd rather hear about the cemetery itself. The woman who gave it was very nice, but quite frankly, she was so gleeful about reading deceased women's diaries that I was a little surprised.

It was a very large cemetery, with a large modern section, hilly and without much tree cover. Not really my favorite, though a couple stones were interesting.

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So while we were on our honeymoon, I told Husband that we had to visit some graveyards. He was a bit appalled at first, which bewildered me, but when we visited the first one he actually seemed to get into it, and wandered about reading epitaphs and even getting in the way of shots, lol.

So here is the first set of images. There will be three entries total, one for each site, and I'm warning you that this is the most boring set of pics of the three. The light was very low because the sun was setting, and the pics aren't as nice as I would have hoped. Still, they hold interest for fellow taphophiles, so here you go.

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Okay, last set. Some of these are my faves.

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I'm thrilled with many of these photos; some of them are the best cemetery pics I've ever taken.

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I did take some photos at this famous cemetery, but in truth, I like the Lafayette Cemetery photos better. More trees, and there was better light, I think. Anyway, here are some of the St Louis shots.

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Imagine my surprise when there were Rev War re-enactors at the cemetery walk. They were very interesting.

Also, [ profile] tamony_lenore...there are pictures of a pond I was telling you about months ago. Unfortunately it isn't as pretty as it was in early Spring, all frosted over with eerie blue ice, but it is pretty cool still.

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I decided to split today's cemetery walk into two groups of pictures. These are the pictures of some of the more interesting gravestones.

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Went back to an account today to fix something, and remembered my camera. There is a large cemetery across the street from their store, so I went and wandered around, utterly alone, exactly as I like it. No bugs, no tripping, everything went well, and I took one really decent picture that I totally love. It is the last picture of the twelve below.

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