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I got up early to watch an informal slash panel with [ profile] titti, [ profile] bethbethbeth, [ profile] midnitemaraud_r, and...I've forgotten the other person. eee! Sweet Almond, maybe?

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I hope that both of you who are reading these are enjoying them. lol.

Got up early again, and left the roomies to sleep the sleep of the just.

Wandered around and checked out the rest of the con, such as the Room of Requirement. I have to say, this was a pretty freaky hotel. Definitely one of those "add-on" hotels, where they built it a hundred years ago and just kept adding wings and pools. And Starbucks.

The hotel seemed less than happy to have us. In fact, I've heard a few horror stories from other congoers that made me very sad indeed. It took us a while to get a fridge that had been confirmed during the original booking, and that was a pain. There were worse stories.

My two problems with the hotel:

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*dives right in*

So [ profile] marginaliana and I went to the Eleven City Diner for breakfast, and I had the most luscious and delightful breakfast ever, which was French toast made from challah with strawberries and bananas. Very ripe strawberries and bananas. And toasted coconut. And warm syrup.

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*deep breath*

These are going to be loooong, as y'all know already.

Big shout out to my roomies [ profile] gmonkey42 and [ profile] loudmeggaphone for dealing with my spazzy demented self. They are awesome rockin' roomies and they know the secret power of Sparkly Unicorn Points.

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Hogwarts teachers for this entry, it seems. No Snape, though...he'll be in the next one.

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And here's the beginning. New friends, get ready for the Valis Exhaustive Con Summaries.

I took more pics than at Prophecy, happily enough.

There is a Malfoy theme to this particular entry...

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