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I'm so's time for my last Lumos entry.

The Parade of Squids.

Here are the pics of those brave enough to hold a GIANT SQUID...

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A few last funny pics, to go with Saturday/Sunday/Monday's entries.

There are only three of them, thank goodness.

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Whew! Finally, I'm done.
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Argh! I cannot believe how long this is taking. I want to post about something other than Lumos.

Ah, well. Last two days.


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Ah, more fun stuff to remember.

I must mention that I keep updating the earlier entries because I keep remembering things. Like how I met [ profile] rexluscus on Thursday, Snape and his luncheon, and what Dementors do to Bellatrix (that happened on Friday). If you're really bored and wanting something to do, you can always reread the earlier entries. So if you see something missing, please remind me!


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A quick note: these are not comprehensive and factual summaries; they're simply what I remember, through my own peculiar lens, which I admit quite possibly might be defective.

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I have so much to say! Be warned: This is a looong entry, full of wild and crazy fandom.

Here is Thursday's rundown.

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Funny things I took pics of during the con. Most of the signs are from the Common Room, which had a bulletin board.

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I'm back from Lumos, and I have lots of things in store for you, my poor flist! There is much spamming planned.

You'll quickly see that I have taken pictures of people...with the Giant Squid. Well, really he's a plush octopus, but let's not point it out...he's a bit sensitive.

Here is the first entry. This is the first half of the pics of people in costume that I took.

Please note that the lighting and backgrounds were not very conducive for nice, pretty pictures. I did the best I could, and I Photoshopped the hell out of some of it, and my Photoshop skills pretty much suck, so there you go.

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