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You all have probably seen this, but I just couldn't stop laughing.

It's from some sort of seventies talent competition--think Miss America-style.

Listen To The Trumpet, Children, And Weep, Weep Gently

Many thanks to [ profile] virtual_gravy for pointing this out.


Dec. 19th, 2007 10:42 pm
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I get the satellite feed of Go Fug Yourself, and today's just made me laugh too hard not to share:

Fashion disaster Arden Wahl
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...from [ profile] scribbulus_ink. She's compiled a short entry called Ten Things I Know About Writing, and it's so nice and concise and wonderfully helpful.

Check it out here!
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I have to get this in time for [ profile] lumos2006, definitely. [ profile] trickofthedark rules.

Also...check out her Cafepress wonders as well.
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This is hysterical. (And very naughty.)

Graffiti from Pompeii

Don't know how real it is...some of the concepts sound a bit modern...but it might be worth a look.
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I passed by a church that had a giant sign out front in some sort of unusual font...sort of reminded me of lettering for an album.

The sign proclaimed: ROCK 4 SOULS.

I don't know if it's just me, but that doesn't seem like a very good trade.

Plus there's the whole problem of only receiving a portion of the rock. I assume that there is a timeshare program involved, which makes it even less attractive. Association fees and all that.

ETA: Oh, this sporking of odd superheroes is HYSTERICAL. roflmao and stuff. Thank you [ profile] kaiz.
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I have only one appointment today and it is only a half hour away, which makes me very happy. It's raining heavily, but still, it should be a relatively simple appointment.

I feel much better today. I've even finished two of the scenes in chapter 67, and I have already begun to write the third and final scene of the chapter. Finally!

It was the Dumbledore conversation that was killing me. I really dislike writing Ddore. It's very difficult, because there are so many things about him which make it so complicated. He is very smart, eccentric, has a touch of a childlike spirit, and has plots within plots. He knows more than he's telling, and all of that together has to be kept in mind as he's speaking. It's nearly impossible for me, because I don't know what he really knows. He conceals so much. Snape is so much more straight-forward in some ways, because he's bitter, etc. He's not nearly omniscient, or nearly omnipotent. Anyway, I'm so very glad that the scene is done, and I no longer have to worry about it. Yippee!

I cannot remember who it was who put a link on their LJ about Red Hen Publications, but it is definitely worth it to check it out. I've only read one essay so far, Double 00 Sevie, and only half of that, but it already has brought up a totally fascinating premise.

The author of this essay says that Severus is not one of the Three Names that Voldemort brings up in GoF (The Coward, the Oathbreaker, and the Faithful Servant). The author puts out the theory that the Coward and the Oathbreaker are Karkaroff and Ludo Bagman, and the Faithful Servant is Barty Crouch Jr. That really made me think quite a bit.

Anyway, I'll be on later tonight. See you then.
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Disclaimer: These are my opinions. Some of the listed images/websites might contain adult content. Click at your own peril.

Snape websites and fanart: a resource )
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Today's LJ feed of Neil Gaiman's blog has a terrific resource. Someone was asking him about how to get a literary agent, and how best to find a competent literary agent, and he sent off said question to a long-time literary agent, and she answered. In detail! With actual linkity links!

Resource for finding literary agent

Check it out, if you have a moment. It's worth a click if you want a small helpful insider's look at the publishing industry.
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Someone on [ profile] fanficrants mentioned this, which is a rather funny fandom version of Deep Thoughts (from SNL). My favorite line is the one about the soldering iron. It is multi-fandom, but that doesn't matter, it's still fairly amusing.


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