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...that you have spaghetti tonight, for 'tis Spaghetti Night in the Fabled Apartment of Mighty Mightiness.

Nom nom nom.

(Unless you don't like spaghetti. Or you're afraid of carbs. But if you're afraid of carbs, I'm sorry, you're not allowed on my Death Eater Flist, because Death Eating is all about carbs. Mmmm. Carbs. We don't have Dark Revels, as you know; we have Dark Chocolate Revels. More carbs for the cause!)
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...chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

Oh, wait. I have some already.

*munches contentedly*
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...valismort is thankful for fried chicken, bubble bath spells, and, most of all, her lovely Death Eater Flist.

*casts Maximus Yummio Stuffedus spell on all*
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...never watch the Food Network while hungry. It can only lead to misery.
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The Second Anniversary Evil valismort Spectacular!

For those of you who are new to the list, may I just introduce you to the Evil valismort Cabal of Doomy Doom Doom!

Yes, during a long trip last year in May I began to think of the flist, and what each person's role would be in a Death Eater organization run by myself. It does sound mildly disturbed, I know, but it was kind of funny. And pathetic, on my part. But it was social, and we can all agree about how important it is to be social. If you're even more confused by this explanation you can check out the first two entries:

First valismort entry
Second valismort entry

My disclaimer of dhûm: I hope no one is offended by this. I mean no offense. If I've offended you, let me know and I'll remove your line. Remember, this is all subjective, it's what popped into my head when I thought of these usernames. Also, I only wrote blurbs for mutual friends. Please don't be sad...this took several hours just doing mutual friends.

[ profile] _lore She's spent hours decorating Evil Headquarters in green. She claims it was for a special Muggle holiday. She brought Evil Green Firewhisky, so none of us complained. Has also been informing us of the Evil Possibilities of something called American Idol. It does sound pretty evil, I must admit.

[ profile] _noesumeragi_ She is still busy carefully creating the Ultimate Evil Cat, though she's rather unfortunately named it after that Muggle-loving fool.

[ profile] absurdwords She's been experimenting with a new hex she calls the Cilantro Burst. Now if we could just get someone to develop a Tomato Dicing Hex, we could have Evil Salsa.

[ profile] ac1d6urn She's been checking and double-checking maps of London for weeks and muttering to herself. We think she might be writing fanfiction. I hope it's Evil Fanfiction where Legolas finds his true love. Or at least that it involves little things hitting each other.

[ profile] aerynstales She's recently installed a Wizard Jukebox at Evil Headquarters. It plays only the finest pure-blood rock 'n' roll. Quite marvelous, if I do say so myself. She's also been telling all who will listen about someone named Sure Lock Homes. I do hope he's not an up-and-coming Dark Lord, because I might get jealous.

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valis2: Stone lion face (drawn default lion 2) eat some chocolate.

Unless you'll die if you eat chocolate. In that case you should just find the dessert of your choice.

Just goes to show what a kind-hearted supreme evil 'tator I am.


Jan. 12th, 2006 11:38 pm
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valismort commands you to bathe in custard.
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My birthday is August 27th...however, I will be out of town, hence the early

valis birthday spectacular!!!

As far as celebrations go, I've done "say something nice", "made up gossip about people", and "death eater roles" memes. I think that the most fun was the valismort Death Eater entry, so I'll be doing part two of that, because it's my birthday, and I get to do what I want. *giggles* And I demand that you all have a lovely day and think Evil Thoughts!

The first valismort list

The party's in HERE!! )

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So on one of the long trips recently I thought about making a meme. Y'know, going to one of those quiz sites or meme sites and putting together one of my own. But then I thought, I don't really pay much attention to those memes, maybe no one else does either, and then I thought it would be very laborious to make a supah cool one, where I could say something about everybody, and I decided to just write it all out in my LJ, being the control freak I am, because then I could make it funnah. At least, in theory.

So without further ado, I present to you the valis--er, valismort flist as LJ Death Eaters, and our roles within said organization.

The usual disclaimer: I'm sorry if I've offended any of you inadvertantly. Let me know if I have so that I can fix it.

[ profile] absurdwords: Always brings a bottle of Firewhisky to the Death Eater meetings and passes it around clandestinely, proclaiming "Just a little taste to get the party going, y'all." And has the best broom closet evah. Filled with Evil Brooms.

[ profile] ac1d6urn: Our very own Chooser of Beautiful Scarves. She does all of our Evil Research, too.

[ profile] aerynstales and [ profile] lfire1: The Official Evil Chroniclers of Our Glorious Death Eater Troup. The prolific pair is already penning volume 423968246782735. Be careful what you say to them or you might be wearing a very heavy Mary Sue hat in volume 423968246782736 that will drag you down into the moors and drown you.

To see everyone else's Death Eater occupation, click here... )


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