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Worst Renaissance Festival pickup lines

Such a dainty ankle m'lady hath.

Thou art more hot than Heidi Klum.

Thine boobs outshine the sun.

Allow me to laceth your corset tighter.

Wouldst thou care for some of my food coupons?

Thou lookest like a real buxom wench.

Shall I compare thee to soup in a bread bowl?

Upon staring at your lovely visage I realizeth that my codpiece is feeling rather restrictive.
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I realized today that I had forgotten to do a Renfest entry from last weekend (pirate weekend). Here goes.

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I was very much expecting to see [ profile] bob_the_mighty.

No Bob. Vanished, apparently. In his place was Not-Bob.

I was very much expecting to see [ profile] atdt1991.

No Scott. And I have forgotten to program his number into my phone.

So I spent today wandering. And talking to my incredibly dear friend [ profile] bookwench2096, but since she's there to work, I have to keep it short and sweet.

I did take some pics, though.

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So my lovely friend [ profile] bookwench2096 and her co-conspirator put on a lovely show today...they call it the Fox Hunt. It was quite funny.

Enter for images of the fox hunt...the quest to find the Foxiest Man at Festival. )
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Last day of festival was today!

I hung out with [ profile] atdt1991 for most of Festival, and visited every clothing store on site in a near-fruitless attempt to get him a headkerchief. It was a journey nearing epic stature when we were pointed back to a place that we had already stopped in at, and found that they had an entire basket full of them, at a quite reasonable price.

[ profile] bob_the_mighty left the booth!

Both of them said many really funny and witty things, and I can't remember any of them because I didn't bring any paper with me.

Except I showed [ profile] atdt1991 the Supah Sekrit Privies, and he named them "The Privies of Solitude", and so they shall be known henceforth.

I also got stuck in the parking lot for an hour. Yes, you read that correctly, an hour. I ended up putting my car in park and perusing the photos I took today.

In an effort to distract you all from the fact that I can't remember a thing I will now dazzle you with pictures.

Here be pictures, aye. )
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Went to Festival yesterday. Whew! Ran into lots of people and had lots of fun. Lots and lots of fun. Though I did miss out on meeting [ profile] ms_hecubus...apparently she wasn't there that weekend.

Anyway, here's an entry about the funny crazy things that happened.

Click here for long, crazy Renaissance Festival entry with pictures. )

First Renfest Observation entry
Second Renfest Observation entry


Aug. 23rd, 2004 12:37 am
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Ah, Renfest. How I used to love you so.

Musings on going to Renfest yesterday. Involving strange attire, pets, lovely weather, and good friends. )

All in all, I still have a special place for Renfest in my heart, but I guess I've outgrown it a little. Very sad.

[ profile] bob_the_mighty, [ profile] bookwench2096, and [ profile] arachniaarkhe made it lots of fun though. (Despite rumors of Sock Ninja icons and attempts to sway me to Star Wars Galaxies.) The thing is I don't need to go to Fest to see them...they are lovely friends in RL too.

Didn't get to my Kill Bill blather. Must do that tomorrow.

Sane thought of the day: They always forget the rolls.


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