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I just saw "Winter's Bones" and it was amazing.

And I never want to see it again.

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So last night I saw the new version of Metropolis at the Detroit Film Theater.

In 2002 a restored version of Metropolis came out, and it was gorgeous and so clear I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. Still, the movie was missing a half hour of footage, and I never thought in my lifetime that I'd see it. Then came that amazing discovery in Buenos Aires. The full movie, though heavily scratched and degraded.

They've spliced in the new footage with the 2002 restoration, and now the original score fits perfectly with the movie.


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Yeah, I know, I'm kind of late with my review. Which is a weird review. Naturally.

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[ profile] gina_r_snape, you were right. It was...not good. I'm a longtime Joe fan, so I was looking forward to this movie, until I found out that Stephen Sommers directed it, and I heard the not-so-stellar word-of-mouth. Still, I thought it might be fun, at the very least.

So last night the majestic [ profile] bookwench2096, Husband, and I went to see it. Let's just count the ways we laughed. And said, "Bwuh?"

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I've been meaning to do this for a long time. I have a special place in my heart for Polish films, but there are other European films recommended here as well.

Very generally speaking, mainstream American films (and audiences) are very concerned with the endings of movies. We want to know what happens to the characters we've invested our time and emotions into. We want to know where the story goes, and we it's very important for a movie to conclude properly. If the last ten minutes of the movie don't satisfy us, the movie is a disappointment. Most mainstream viewers know that a mainstream movie will conclude well, and are left to enjoy the unfolding spectacle, because the hero will definitely punish the bad guy, the underdog will win the competition, and the couple will state their undying love for each other in a way that erases all doubts about their future together.

The films below are more concerned with the journey of the film than the ending. The emotions and thoughts you experience on the way are much more important. In fact, some of them have downright depressing endings, or disappointing endings, by American standards. These films have an uncertainty that stems from taking chances. The audience is kept in genuine suspense because anything can happen.

I'm not bashing American films at all. Simply put, these are different experiences than mainstream American films. They have a different pace. Different expectations.

If you're interested, click on the cut to read about some of my favorite European films. They're not always easy to find, but they're worth it. I've liberally borrowed from papers I wrote about the films at the time I watched them.

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I would like to thank the costume designer, and the casting director, from the bottom of my heart. I have never seen so much absolutely lovely beefcake in a film before, and it was stunning. David Wenham looked delicious.

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I realized last night after chatting with [ profile] rexluscus that I never did post an entry about King Kong.

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Just eating leftovers and getting ready to pack up a bunch of eBay things.

I had a wonderful time with my parents and sister over Thanksgiving, despite the naughty snow, which made driving a bit difficult. We ended up watching all three of the LotR extended versions, though we had to leave off midway through RotK, just didn't have enough time. Still, it was wonderful to view them again. I must say, the first time I saw the movies, I was quite into Frodo/Sam's journey, but, just like when I reread the books, repeated viewings aren't the same, and I find myself wanting to fast forward sometimes during their scenes. Yes, it's beautiful, haunting, and amazing, but for some reason I find myself much more absorbed in the other plotlines.

We also went to see "Walk the Line", which was quite good. Only thing is, I'm not a Cash fan. It must be difficult to make a movie like that and balance it between fans and non-fans. The musical numbers had my sister and my parents giddy, but I was only half into them, because I only recognized two songs. So it was an interesting portrait of an interesting person, but at the same time, my sister kept having to nudge me to tell me who people were, because I was having difficulty figuring it out. I'm certain that it would have been greatly enhanced if I were a fan of fifties music, but I'm not, so seeing Elvis interact with him wasn't really anything special for me, though the audience was whispering excitedly. So I have to say that while I completely can see that it was a good film, I won't ever watch it again. Not my cup o' tea.

It was great watching the LotR movies with the family. At one point, when the flock of crows is trying to find the Fellowship, we were laughing about how they went back to Saruman:

Saruman: "Where is the Fellowship now?"
Crows: "Fellowship? What's that?"
Saruman: "The league of nine I told you to find!"
Crows: "Huh...nope, didn't see them. But there was this pie on the windowsill at was so tasty..."

During the rest of the movies there was much made of crows seeking apple pie. There are crows calling in the background of many scenes, and I would say, "Caw! Pie!"

There was even a crow checking out an ashtray in Walk the Line. "Darn! No pie!"

I guess you had to be there.
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Ha! Just received spam from the sender "Balder Shultz".

Just went to see Fantastic Four, and I have to agree with [ profile] rook543's assessment of it...The Thing and the Human Torch were the standouts, but it was really just an average movie. I wasn't into it. I didn't have too much inappropriate laughter, so it isn't in the realm of Van Helsing, but still, there is no reason to see it again.

After the movie I went into the women's restroom. As I was washing my hands I looked at my reflection in the mirror, and, as I am wont to do because I am clearly deranged, I made a few faces in the mirror. Not weird, bizarre, or crazy faces, just...subtly odd faces. I turned and suddenly realized that a young girl was at the other end of the counter and was staring at me as she held her hands under the water. Like full-out-wow-what's-wrong-with-that-chick stare. Then she smiled awkwardly and stared back at her hands. She probably thought I was going to pull the towel machine off the wall and start braying at the moon while smearing jello on the soap dispenser.

Headache is starting to diminish, thankfully.

EBay is so strange. I have been trying to sell things on it now for a couple months, and I've run into some odd snafus, like this weird shipping thing, where it tells you that you can set it up to combine shipping, but then it laughs cruelly behind its hand while sending you a blank "Don't do that, Dave" message. Argh. But I have moved some stuff, and I'm just beginning to clear out some boxes. Only two kinds of things have really sold well; the rest is just selling for the $1 which is the original price.

Oh, and on the way home from the non-show I listened to someone talking about eBay. He apparently decided he wanted to move to New York, and eBayed everything he owned to finance it, one thing at a time. He said he was at the post office every day for nearly six months. He was extremely engaging and witty. He would even visit some people that he had sold objects to just to chat. It was quite a fascinating interview. I wonder if this is the same person that [ profile] mortifyd bought that cricket bat from a while ago.
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I entirely forgot to mention that I had seen Crash while in WI, and I recommend it highly, as long as you're in for a dramatic ensemble piece that explores the effect of racism in LA. Really, it was a fine piece of filmmaking, and while I can't say I "enjoyed" it (especially because "enjoy" seems to have a meaning that doesn't really apply; let's say that I devoured the movie, was entranced by it), I definitely appreciated it tremendously and feel that it was a very worthwhile two hours. It's a thought-provoking film.

Went to see Batman Begins just now. On the valismeter it registered as "like" more than "dislike", so that's a good thing, I suppose. I had some problems with it, but overall I liked it. I wouldn't jump up and down about it, but it was definitely more emotionally intriguing and was an interesting, detailed look at Batman's beginnings.

Also took advantage of <--I have no idea where that sentence was going, because I wandered off to check out [ profile] the_leaky. Y'know, I'm very glad that I don't RP, because I'd never get anything done ever again. It looks like a blast. I'm still trying to understand what's going on, and it seems that I've missed an entry in the flow of Serenus/Severus/Remus/etc., but the writing and interaction is fascinating.

Now, of course, I'm obsessing over RP etiquette, and I'm wondering if people don't generally reveal which characters they are playing. I also find it quite delectable that the person playing Regulus Black uses many tasty pictures of Oded Fehr as the inspiration for that character. In fact, I find it quite interesting that each person has picked a real-life celebrity to stand in for the characters and uses that person in icons to convey things. Which, of course, means that they (most likely) have not only purchased a paid journal for their RPing, but they've also put together a set of icons for it. Which draws me into another thought spiral about the people who RP, and the levels of RPing, because, just like anything else, there must be talent and skill and practice involved, and different tiers of RPGs, and it makes me wonder what sort of traits work best for writing such a spontaneous, sometimes improv style piece of work.

Bought enough Bath & Body Works to last six months at their Semi Annual Sale. [ profile] chrysantza will be pleased that I've done my part to support our Evil Industry.

Haha...just went looking to see if the logical Batman Begins slash pairing (Ducard/Wayne) has generated any fics...found this astonishing summary.

Batman has found his match and Bruce Wayne has found his mate in the same explosive woman. Dripping with Sarcasm and eventually fraught with peril, Gotham is in for one wild ride when the Dragon and Batman collide!

Gotham drips with sarcasm...oops, I mean Sarcasm. Who knew? Watch out for that peril, folks! It's dripping sarcasm! And I love how funny it sounds that Bruce gets a "mate", though I would caution him to be very careful, considering the combustible effects mentioned.

And from another fic...

I have not read the comics. Period. This is strictly movie based, and if you don't appreciate what I do with Ducard's charecter, then don't read it. I have no idea how his personality works, so I'm making a guess off the movie's not-so-good charecter development.

Heh. If the story sucks, it's because the movie sucked!

And further into the story...

“You are in the healing rooms of the Council of the Heavenlies.” Ducard licked his lips to further investigate, but was silence by the Healing Man’s calming voice, “That is all you need know for now.”

Wow, Ducard could be one of the most unusual private detectives of all time. Not to mention creepiest. What unusual investigatory techniques!

ETA: Hahaha!! Best summary evah!

Batman, Robin & Batgirl thwart the evil plans of Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Based on a performance I saw at a theme park. Pretty lame, I know, but I couldn't think of anything else to write. Please R&R.
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[ profile] dphearson was absolutely correct...I don't think small children should see this movie at all.

The people in front of me brought their baby (fine, too little to know or retain anything), and their three year old and four year old boys, and made no move to shield them from any of the violent bits.

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Sin City

Apr. 17th, 2005 09:11 pm
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Just watched Sin City this afternoon.

My thoughts...Spoilers abound! )
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I was on the Madcow cluster, and I'm delighted to finally be able to access again. I thought I might have to wait until tomorrow.

Happy to be here.

I lost a few of the comments on the last entry (the hair entry), so if you still want to check out the Hair Change the link is here.

And the lovely Creativity Thread is still open...if you haven't added to the thread yet, go ahead! It's still here! Several of you have replied---thank you!---but I'd love to read more insights about the pieces of writing/drawing/photography that you're most proud of, and why, so if you haven't, and would like to, check it out! Hell, even if you've already posted and you thought of something else, go ahead and add to it.


I was always impressed with ffnet's notification system, until today. There is this one story I was attempting to sounded like it had some promise...but it wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be. So I took the author off my "Favorite Author"/Author Alert list. I still kept getting notifications. So I went back and took it off "Favorite Stories" too. So now there are no references at all to this author. Yet I am still getting notifications. And I received no notification for the review I just got for "The Last Button"! Just weird.


I made a friend laugh today...I was pretending to be at a convention watching my favorite "star" address the audience...I pretended to ask some crazy question and did the frazzled star's reply...and then I turned to my friend and said..."I can't wait to update my faq!"

Maybe you had to be there.


Went and saw "House of Flying Daggers" and, surprisingly, I actually liked "Hero" better. Jin was fairly hot, the plot was interesting, the acting wonderful...but for some reason I wasn't as connected.

There's one scene where the guy comes back to the girl, and you can just completely grasp all the feelings in his was wonderful. I sometimes think in mainstream American movies we're too afraid that the audiences aren't going to "get it". We make movies with everything underscored so that everyone will understand. (I'm talking mainstream here.) It was so nice to see a film where you have to put it together yourself, with far fewer words.

I did enjoy some of it, but I would have liked a little bit more here and there, and the ending took way, way, way too long for me. There's a point where melodrama just heads into silly. I love melodrama, but there was just a bit too much there.

I loved the whole is that you, or is that a you that you've invented theme...

Oh, I'm so happy LJ is back. Hooray!
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I saw this movie a few days ago, and...well...I would never bother renting it again, unless it was so that an entire group of my friends could sit and poke fun at it with me. (Sorry, [ profile] deepforestowl!)

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