Jan. 14th, 2011

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I have about a week left before my First Big Month-Long Trip of the year, and I had some plans, mostly sales tax plans and some blog entries and pausing my online advertising and that. Also, wrapping gifts and getting ready and making oodles of lists. And buying a new phone. And about 1025692357 other little things.

Now, however, we have Unexpected Houseguests. Which isn't too big of a thing, and can be a nice thing, but it's because of the passing of a relative, so it's a sad thing. Husband and I will stop by the funeral home tonight, and then the funeral is tomorrow. The relative in question is Husband's great-uncle, who was 93. He was a farmer who loved to grow sweet corn and lived just up the street from us.

He had some sheep, a falling-down barn, and a few fields. One of the fields was right next to the road, and he plowed it and planted it until last year. I knew something was up because instead of corn it was sunflowers. For some reason, it just lingered in my head that this was the end of things, these sunflowers, a last hurrah, if you will. They were planted by one of his best friends, it turns out, so there's probably nothing to this other than my usual melodrama.

He's passed on, and it's sad. He used to come over on the Fourth of July, and if you talked to him, he'd tell you of his crops and his sheep. Mostly, though, he just sat and watched as his progeny ran around with sparklers. His sister, Husband's grandmother, would sit and they'd talk about the old days, sometimes.

An old farmer and an old way of life, and it's sad to see him go. He still drove his pickup truck occasionally, and last year I remember driving past one of his fields, and seeing him sitting in his pickup truck in the middle of the field talking to his friend, who was sitting on his tractor surrounded by green. It was a quaint and funny scene.

I'll miss him.


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