Jan. 28th, 2011

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The dizziness seems to have abated slightly. The fever was not so bad last night, and I actually fell asleep at 10 and stayed mostly asleep. I also slept for a couple extra hours after the boys left for school, which I wasn't able to do yesterday. Took a long hot bath, which did help alleviate a teensy bit of the nasal blockage.

I'm off to the store today. I'm going to buy a neti pot. I've had serious reservations about it because I choke really, really easily and I just have been...not wanting to try it, but the misery is so miserable that I think I want to try. Also, I am meh about going to a doctor about this because a) I have had two rounds of antibiotics in the last three months, and they often won't prescribe more after that and b) I'm in another state so I'd have to go through all the new patient stuff. And if I went through all of that and they said, "Oh, just drink more fluids and rest" then I would be sadface.

I am feeling just a teensy bit better, but I have a feeling that once I get through the shopping, dinner, and watching the boys tonight that I'll be completely zonked again. Thank goodness we're almost into the weekend, which means I don't have to get up to see the boys off to school, and as long as I keep us well-stocked with groceries, I might not need to leave the house. *crosses fingers*

Thanks, flist, for all your sweet well-wishing and kind words. You rock!


valis2: Stone lion face (Default)

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